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700 years old Sufi Dynasty Holy Azimpur Dayera Sharif's Heritage & Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

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The Great Sufi Saint Sheikh Dayem Ullah Sixth Khalifa of Holy Dayera Sharif Azimpur Died on Jan 1995

His Eminency Shah Sufi Mohammed Dr. Nurul Alam

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The Official Logo of Dayemi Complex Granted by United Nations and Government of Bangladesh

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Dayemi Complex Bangladesh


(An International Organization for Religious, Social, Educational, Humanitarian & Voluntary Services in Bangladesh in Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the U.N., United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and U.N. PEACE MESSENGER Organization designated by the U.N. Secretary General in 1986) Federal Tax I.D. # 13-3639905, and Exempt Organizations Certificate No. EX218067, Registered as Non-profit Organization # 6045 with the State of New York, United States of America)


United Nations New York, (Updated) March 2010 and 18th June 2012

A two-century old dynastical religious platform for the cause of human values housed in the religiously renowned premises of Dayera Sharif, in a densely populated area of the old historical place at Azimpur at the heart of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, culminated into an organizational set-up as the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh in the year 1969. This Dayera Sharif, the seat of religious and spiritual deliberation, bears 200 years old history. A lone dilapidated wall at its premises build after the Moghul structural pattern still stands as silent testimony to its glorious past. Here, from this great house the message of fraternity and universal brother-hood were preached and its values upheld by the great learned spiritual advocates occupying its seat as descendants of Prophet Mohammed (SM) (Peace be upon him). The Prophet Mohammad (SM)(PBUH) stated that, “The human beings are crowned creations of Almighty God & The descendants of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (SM)(PBUH) Christians, Jewish and Muslims are cousin brothers”, in accordance of The Holy Quran.

 His Eminency Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah, the immediate past spiritual occupant of the House is the founder Chairperson of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh which is named as such after his great family anecdote. He was devout saint with dynamic vision. His relentless efforts have gone to the formation of a spider web of the socio-economic activities of this organization throughout Bangladesh. He breathed his last breath in 1995 (May His soul rest in peace). During his 3rd visit to the Holy city of Mecca for pilgrimage in 1987 His Holiness Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (R.), the 42nd direct descendent and spiritual successor of the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammed (SM) bestowed 43rd Spiritual successor ship upon His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam. The Dayemi Complex has become a symbol of succor to the poor, destitute and distressed. It made a clarion call for rehabilitation of tens of thousands of people rendered homeless due to river erosion, floods, cyclones and other natural calamities. A never-ending rehabilitation process of distressed humanity has been on acceleration under the initiative and dynamic guidance of its chairperson who has fully addressed himself to the Herculean task of upliftment of that section of people who have less. It is no wonder that this spiritual saint could rightly identify the ills his country is infested with.

Bangladesh, the most densely populated country of the World with 120 million people in 54,000 sq. miles of land is also factually the second poorest country in the world. Illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and over-populated are the main factors for her being in such a plight. The agriculture, which accounts for 85% employment of the people, remains primitive with the lowest per acre yield. The growth of an industrial economic base is measurably hindered due to absence of impetus and necessary expertise. The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh upholds that the only panacea for amelioration of peoples sufferings is to evoke a fundamental change in their outlook at grass-root level and this can only be brought about the removal of ignorance from among the vast masses. It has, since founded, more than 100 educational institutions and orphanages throughout the country. It can take pride in its achievement of providing accommodation for more than 3 (three) thousands orphans, irrespective of caste and creed who can devote to conventional, religious, technical and vocational pursuits in the 15 houses of orphans so far built. The schools, colleges and madrashas (religious institutions) established and run under the patronage of the Dayemi Complex have contributed its due share towards betterment of human resources.

The Dayemi complex Bangladesh is carrying out its ambitious ten-year pilot plan (June 2007-2017) for upliftment, rehabilitation and development of the tribal areas, unemployed young men & women, orphan children and disastrous men, women & children throughout Bangladesh and adding to encourage micro-credit program among the distressed social women victims, tribal area, and hill tracks area of Chittagong Division. The DCB is working to provide necessary help and assistance for proper sanitation and supply of pure drinking water throughout the rural areas of Bangladesh also working to promote education for prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh UN office New York is officially submitting this proposal for your kind consideration regarding the proposed humanitarian projects of Dayemi Complex in Bangladesh on absolute humanitarian ground. The DCB is working for the following humanitarian projects in Bangladesh:

 Rehabilitation of 3000 Orphans children in 15 Orphanages at rural areas in every 3 years, with facility of education, vocational training for income generating program.

 Rehabilitation of 2000 distressed and social victim Women per year with vocational training for income generating program.

Rehabilitation of 50,000 men & women of Chittagong Divisional Tribal area thru Micro-Credit income generating program with Sonali Unnyan Foundation (SUF).

To provide necessary assistance for proper sanitation, supply of pure drinking water & to educate for prevention of HIV/AIDS thru 200 location of rural area of Bangladesh

 To promote Agricultural development, Fishing and Poultry farming for unemployed young men & women.

 To rehabilitate natural disastrous victim men, women & children of cyclone affected areas.

                     Currently The Dayemi Complex’s Special Pilot Project under Mirsharai Upozila, Union Porishod Wahid Pur, Mirsharai Chittagong, For Orphan & disaster victimized students of Bangladesh, Modern Quran & Authentic Hadiths Research Center with Modern Technology to train up morally, Religious & Spiritually Sufi Masters from the grass root level with practical course of Qaderia, Munaimia, Chistia, Mujjaddedia & Nokshabondia Sufi Orders. Along with a Modern Hostel a GRAND MOSQUE of the Country for the Symbol of Sufism in commemoration of Great Sufi Saint of the Age Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Abdul Goni (RA) of Moulihas Sufiya Madrasah Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1st Mohaddes of Chittagong Area for Research and Training of Authentic Hadiths in his Life Time. Mr.Abu billah Mohammad Gais Uddin Al-Azad Khalifa of Azimpur Dayera Sharif & Treasurer Millennium Trade Link US corporation & UN Additional Main Representative to UN office New York, Geneva, Vienna & Adis Ababa with immediate effect.

Besides the above, the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh has visualized and initially been working on project profile regarding the useful absorption, integration of beggars and tribal distressed men and women of Chittagong divisional hill tracks into the mainstream of society. The magnitude of social menace as posed by the beggars can hardly be underestimated. The overall improvement of the socio-economic condition of the people depends on complete eradication of beggars problem in accordance the millennium development goal of United Nations proclamation declared by the UN general assembly.

As regards funding and implementations of projects, the Complex depends on its own resources and funds received as donation from benevolent and philanthropic institutions of national and International stature. Constitutionally, it can also depend on their direct participation in the projects.

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is now working on national as well as international fields for propagation of faith, unity, discipline, peace and prosperity for the distressed humanity. In order to discharge their functions and to maintain liaison with various World Bodies, Government and Non-Government Agencies, this organization has established its offices at New York, Geneva, Vienna and Addis Ababa and His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M. N. Alam, President/CEO, of the Dayemi Complex has been designated as Permanent Representative and World Peace Envoy to the United Nations since 1985. 

Because of the expanding gigantic task embarked upon by the Complex with its own meager resources and with a view to run these projects more effectively, we cordially invite your esteemed Foundation/Organization for direct and generous participation in our said economic & humanitarian projects which provide impetus to the poverty stricken, distressed and oppressed people living in sub-human conditions in Bangladesh and regions covering Third World Countries by contributing and, providing material, financial, technical and expertise support to all or any of our socio-economic and welfare projects for eradication of poverty, disease, illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, death and effects of natural calamities, man-made disaster and for protection, welfare and security of the oppressed humanity.

Should you deem it fit to have further information, please do not hesitate to write to us. We shall make a common platform of Partners in Progress. Donations may also be sent directly to The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, The Chase Manhattan Bank Branch 15 UN Headquarter New York NY-10017 and will be acknowledged with appreciation.


1.The greatest Prophet Hazrat Ahmed Moztaba Mohammed Mostafa Salallahu Alaihe Wasallam (pbuh) 2.Hazrat Syedana Amirul Muminin Mortuza Ali (Alihis Salam) (pbuh)3.Hazrat Syedana Imam Hussain (pbuh) 4.Hazrat Syedana Imam Zainul Abedin (pbuh) 5.Hazrat Syedana Imam Mohammad Baker (pbuh) 6.Hazrat Syedana Imam Ali Reza (pbuh) 7.Hazrat Syedana Imam Musa Kazem (pbuh) 8.Hazrat Syedana Maeuf Karkhi (Rahmatullah) 9.Hazrat Syedana Sirre Sakhti (R) 10.Hazrat Syedana Junaid Bogdadi (R) 11.Hazrat Syedana Abu Baker Shili (R) 12.Hazrat Syedana Rahim Uddin (R) 13.Hazrat Syedana Abdul Tamimi (R) 14.Hazrat Syedana Shah Usuf Tartusi (R)15.Hazrat Syedana Abul Hasan (R)16.Hazrat Syedana Abu Syed Makhjumi (R)17.Hazrat Syedana Gausul Azam Mohiuddin Abdul Qader Zilani (R) (Sufi Master of Kaderia Sufi Oders) 18.Hazrat Syedana Shahbuddin Sorrawardi (R) 19.Hazrat Syedana Nizamuddin Gojnabi (R) 20.Hazrat Syedana Shah Mubarek Gajnabi (R) 21.Hazrat Syedana Shah Kutubuddin (R) 22.Hazrat Syedana Saha Fazlullah (R) 23.Hazrat Syedana Shah Mahmud (R) 24.Hazrat Syedana Shah Nasiruddin (R) 25.Hazrat Syedana Shah Taiuddin (R) 26.Hazrat Syedana Nazamuddin (R) 27.Hazrat Syedana Shah Jafar (R) 28.Hazrat Syedana Shah Ahlullah (R) 29.Hazrat Syedana Mir Khaliluddin (R) 30.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Ahmanotullah (pbuh) 31.Hazrat Syedana Shah Munem Khosru Pakbaz (R) 32.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Kutubul Akteb Syed Mohammad Dayem (R) (Founder of Holy Sufi Dynasty Dayera Sharif, Dhaka) 33.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (R) 34.Hazrat Syedana Sufi Syed Ahmedullah (R) 35.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Laquitullah (R) 36.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Wazhullah (R) 37.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Kayemullah (R) 38.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Nurullah (R) 39.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Obaidullah (R) 40.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Azmatuallah (R) 41.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Abu Musa Kalimullah (R) 42.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (pbuh) 43.His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam 44.Shah Sufi Faizi Harmine Syed Khalilullah (Currently Suspended till further action) 45. Hazrat Nur MuhiUddeen Alam , 46. Mrs. Taslima Akhter Sweety, Executive Assistant to His Eminency Dr. Alam President World Spiritual Assembly and his Khalifa, 47. Abu Billah Mohammad Gias Uddin Al-Azad Khalifa of Azimpur Chotto Dayera Sharif 48. Dr. Shah A.K. Azad, Vice President DCB 50. Golam Rabbani, DCB UN additional Representative to UN office New York. 

Brief Biography of  A Great Sufi Saint

Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA)

The great saint of Bangladesh Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA), was born in 1916 A.D. at Azimpur Chotto Dayera Sharif. His mother died when he was an infant. His father died in the course of preaching Islam at village Amirabad, P.S. former Satkania, Zela Lohagara District of Chittagong, when he was only 11 years old. He was raised and brought up by his grandfather since his childhood. When he was in the womb, his grandfather stated, “my grandson is mother Jat Wali” means saint by birth. Since his childhood he was devoted, humble, pious patient, intelligent and thoughtful. His grandfather taught him and brought him up as his pupil. From his boyhood he spend most his time in worship and other religious & Spiritual functions. As such people of his family and neighborhood used to say “A day will come when this boy will achieve perfection in all spheres of life”. By the grace of Almighty Allah, their prophecy has come to be true. During his boy hood even, the people irrespective of caste and creed used to come to him to learn something about Sufism and religion. He met with many unknown saints during his lifetime, who had refused to disclose their identity.

According to the genealogical order he is the in the 6th generation of the greatest saint Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA). His grandfather taught him in such a manner that he has no combination of parallel. As result he has became very much popular and favorite to all. He has no cherished man other than his spiritual and religious teacher. He was very kind, self controlled, pious, generous and shows sympathy to all. After the death of his grandfather, he became the Mutuwalli of the waqf estate created by Hazrat Shah Sufi Nurullah (RA) and also succeeded and ascended the spiritual throne of Chotto Dayera Sharif.

Once he decided to perform Hajj and thereafter to settle at Madina Monwara permanently near Rowja Sharif of the Holy Prophet. With that aim and object in mind he left Azimpur and on the way went to the Mazar Sharif of Khawja Moinuddin Chisti (RA) at Ajmeer in India. After fasting for three days, he met with Syed Hossain Baksh, a descendant of Khawja Garib-e-Newaz, who disclosed the advice of the Khawja Shaheb. He stayed there for a long time and on getting spiritual advice returned to Dhaka and married Mossammat Saleha Khatun a so-called “Syeda” daughter of A Great Hypocrite Former Chairmen of Sonar Gaon Thana Area Ahmed Hossain Khondokar. After their 12 years of marriage, they had no Children because of Saleha Khatun’s misconduct with Sufi Dayemullah (RA) to conspire to loot properties of Sufi Nurullah Waqf Estate of Azimpur with the active cooperation of her notorious hypocrite father Ahmed Hossain Khondokar along with her brothers. Sufi Dayemullah (RA) and Saleha Khatun had tried to adopt many children, unfortunate for Saleha Khatun’s character, attitude and gratitude  no children could stay with her but one day Rokeya Begum had shown up as their own daughter, this matter is still confusing for the inhabitants of the Azimpur Dayera Sharif. However, details information about this is available in the Bengali Section of the book. At first, Sayeda Rokeya Begum was married her father’s cousin brother Erfan Uddin so-called Shah, he was hopeless, homeless, hypocrite and use to drink regularly, they had three children (Sayeda Nur-E-Sani, Faizi-Mohammad Ahmedullah, Ata-E-Nur-Anwarullah), they all are like their father’s characteristics, currently they all are staying illegally inside the Dayera Sharif and Dayemi Complex projects in Nabinagar. Finally, in April 26th 1982 Rokeya Begum was married to His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam to save her life along with her three immoral children, they also had three more children (Ata-E-Dayem Syed MahmudUllah, Syeda – Nur-E-Aynin, Faizi Haramayen Syed Khalilullah). It should be mentioned here that, His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam had abandoned all three of his notorious adopted children along with his own Chilren Ata-E-Dayem Syed MahmudUllah, Syeda – Nur-E-Aynin and Muhiuddin Mohammad Alam for their misconduct and misbehave as well as ill motive to destroy the NurUllah Waqf Estate properties in reference Romna Police Station of DMP Dhaka GD# 1321 dated April 17th, 2009 Romna PS GD# 135 dated Nov 4th, 2009. There are also several civil and criminal case has been pending at the High Court, District Judge Court Dhaka for immediate hearing. Detailed information is available in the Bengali section of this book. 

To the best of our knowledge there is no saint like Sufi Dayemullah (RA) in the sub-continent. He has devoted his life towards humanitarian, philanthropic and charitable works, with the head office at Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. By the active cooperation, help and assistance of Sufi Dayemullah’s Chief Khalif His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam Since December 1976, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) had founded and established a number of schools, colleges, Madrasahs and Orphanages in every nock and corner of Bangladesh. For the purpose of proper management administration and smooth running of the works of the above mentioned organizations Sufi Dayemullah (RA) also had established “Dayemi Complex Bangladesh” in 1982 registered with the Govt. of Bangladesh in the time of President Ershad, with direct help and cooperation by His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam. He also provided any financial help to these institutions, which were not established by him personally or through the aforesaid Dayemi Complex. It maybe mentioned here that, because of Sufi Dayemullah’s (RA) notorious wife along with her family, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) could not expand any of his institutions and organizations till His Eminency Dr. Alam’s arrival in the year 1976. The detailed information of above is provided in the Bengali section of the Book.

Without parents from childhood, Sufi Dayemullah had to win very deep obstacles and thus won confidence over Allah which has turned himself into an dignified man of a touch of stone. He always engaged his personality to attain the Godly power of knowledge with his honest prayer, and practices.

On the way of his devotion he travelled the whole sub-continent and the Muslim Region of the World because of His Eminency Dr. Alam the Chief Khalif of Azimpur Dayera Sharif and Current Chairmen of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh They performed the Ziarat of the Holy Mazar Sharif of the great devotees of Allah, Hazrat Mohiuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) of Baghdad, Hazrat Garib-e-Newaz Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti (RA), Hazrat Nizamuddin Awlia (RA), Hazrat Bakhtiar Kaki (RA), Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) of Patna, and so many other shrines of noble saints and lastly he was honored more than 6 times by Allah with the opportunity of performing Hajj and thus were allowed to visit the Holy Pilgrimages including the divine Rawja Mubarak of great prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM).

A remarkable dream was expressed by Sufi Dayemullah (RA) on his last pilgrimage before reaching his eternal rest. In Holy City Madinah at 3:00 AM in the morning Sufi Dayemullah (RA) stated, “The Key of the Holy Mosque Mosjidul-Haramayen of Makkah-tul-Mokkarrama will be in the hand of his Chief Khalif His Eminency Dr. Alam”, and he repeatedly shouted, “Allah Hu-Akbar”(Allah is Great) three times as he shared this with his Chief Khalif His Eminency Dr. Alam and later accompanied with him and visited the Great Prophet’s Dome at Madinah also shared several spiritual thoughts.

Due to his firm and constat confidence and prayer he got the opportunity of meeting his eternal father and his grandfather which is nothing but the apocalyptical nature of presentation and blessings on behalf of Allah through his angels and it is all spiritual good news for the future generation engaged in studies of the truth and superior knowledge.

As government recognized Unani Hakim he has established an Unani Dawakhana and registered by His Eminency Dr. Alam as desired by Sufi Dayemullah (RA) with the Joint-Stock company government of Bangladesh in 1983. With the combination of divine knowledge the angelic presentation due to his blessing the medicines manufactured and prescribed by him for gastric ulcer, heart disease, sexual damage, nervous disability and other chronic and painful diseases has been cured by him since a longtime. For this reputation a large number patients are regularly visiting for medicines. It may be mentioned here that, the alternate medicine of Sufi Dayemullah (RA) had been received by his forefathers since 700 years ago, detailed information is in seperate Link of this website.

The money thus earned by him is used fully for the rehabilitation of distressed man and for the orphans education. The special aim of education for the orphans is to grow them into true Muslim/true human being with self reliant economic and spiritual life. He also introduced, extensively the technical and vocational training with the Islamic education.

His attention and hospitality to the guest is really gives holy lesson of noble quality of brother hood which one is the only media or scientific simple process of communication with each other amongst the mankind.

So Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) with his Dayemi Complex is not only men but an holy and noble institution too. He was by born a true mixture of spiritual and divine contemplation with an active life which is directed by Hazrat Mohammad Mostafa (SM) as a true path of salvation of life. Because of such a quality, he was able to capture His Eminency Dr. Alam by his side for last 35 years.

From his own built mosque of Chotto Dayera Sharif  religious and spiritual leader the Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) used to submit his regular prayer along with the practice of All four Sufi Orders to Almighty Allah and provided knowledge from his divine store house of knowledge and delivered the heavenly advises for the welfare of Mankind.

His mission was to attain the peace in the World, which is purely based on Mutual love and understanding, goodwill and respect for each other and to attain the purity of soul for pure work on the light of basic teaching of Holy Quran.

In his programs of world environmental development he had presented his untiring efforts and labor with full of his knowledge for the educational moral and spiritual development with an aim of building society.

Altogether Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) and his Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is a modern mission and symbol of successful salat (Life) and has already taken an place in the forum of world congress for its virtuous action and dedication with extensive participation in the different international remarkable events of the World.

In Shah Allah his good deeds and services for humanity will remain permanently up to the last day of world and after words.

The list of the institutions are given below is directly established and administered by His Eminency Dr. Alam as Sufi Dayemullah (RA) desired in his lifetime. His Eminency Dr. Alam also financed and advised several services in the educational assistance program of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh.


1.                  Imam Gazzali College (Inter-mediate standard) with examination center situated at Rawgan, Chittagong

2.                  Kamel Madrasah

A.                 Amirabad Sufia Alia Madrasah

Degree level self-reliant religious institution with technical education

3.                  Alam Shah Para Alia Madrasah, Degree Standard Religious institution


1.                  20 Jame Mosque in many different part of Bangladesh specially in Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong

Madrasah (Islamic Educational Institute)

97 Fur Kania and Hafizia Madrasah (Primary religious education center) Established in Dhaka, Comilla, and Chittagong Rural Areas.


7 Orphanages is entirely established, controlled, and managed directly under the noble supervision of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh and another 8 Orphanages is administered extensively with material help , finance and advisory services.

Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is maintaining more than three thousand orphan students for their academic qualification including vocational and religious education with an aim to establish them in the society with the help of by Bangladesh and foreign and local N.G.Os.


Summary of Biography Of His Eminency Dr. Sheik Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam

REVISED PRESS RELEASE, 1st of May 2010 United Nations New York

Short Summary of Biography Of His Eminency Dr. Sheik Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam 43rd spiritual successor from the Prophet of Islam

His Eminency Dr. Sheik Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam, religious and spiritual leader of The Muslim Sunni, 43rd spiritual successor from the Prophet of Islam, President of World Spiritual Assembly, NY, USA, Custodian and Chief Khalifa of 700-year old Sufi Dynasty, the Holy Dayera Sharif, Dhaka, Bangladesh, World Peace Envoy, United Nations NGO Permanent Representative, Founder of Seven International Orphanages in Bangladesh, Founder, World Human Rights Service Council, NY, USA, Founder, Secretary-General International Organization for World Peace, Disarmament, Development and Human Rights, New York USA  Founder President, World Spiritual Institute, NY, USA, President and Chief of the Mission World Human Rights Service Council, New York, USA, Founding Member of London Diplomatic Academy and its United Nations Representative, NY Honorary professor, European University Madrid, Spain, and Iowa, USA and Chancellor, European Union University, Iowa, USA, Member of Advisory Council of Ansted University in Malaysia, Vice-President, CODE International, Madrid, Spain. Pioneer Spokesman and scholar researcher of "The Millennium Prophecy Heralds a Golden Age, chief coordinator Imam-Mahedi (SM), World Peace Mission, founder U.N Peace Messenger Organization, three times designated for the Nobel peace Prize between 1989 and 2000, designated first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Permanent Representative of The Conch Republic to the United Nations and designated special representative of President of The Anjouan Islamic Republic to the United Nations June 2001 to December 2001. His Eminency Dr. M N Alam is Honorable Minister Plenipotentiary to UN of the International States Parliament for Safety & Peace since 2001. In January 16, 2001 His Eminency Dr. Alam awarded by Ansted University British Virgin Island, United Kingdom. He has been awarded for the following prestigious recognition: 1. International Academy of Culture and Political Science Doctor of Philosophy in Political Sciences 2. International Association of Educators for World Peace Diploma DHonnaur. 3. Institute of International Affairs Certificate of Honor. 4. Institutes for International Relations and Intercultural Studies Diploma in International Relations. 5. World Peace Academy Academician. 6. Center Cultural Copt Orthodox Academic Doctor. His Eminency also appointed as Chairman Department of Comparative Religion Albert Schweitzer International University, Switzerland since December 4, 2000. In November 11, 2002 His Eminency has been awarded as commander of World order Peace The Medal of The World Order Science-Education-Culture by the European Academy of Information along with UN Secretary-General His Excellency Dr. Kofi Annan in Madrid, Spain.

 His Eminency Dr. Alam is the World Peace Envoy and Founder Director General of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh (DCB), established in 1969, and its Permanent representative to the United Nations since 1982. He is also the founder President of the World Spiritual Assembly (WSA), New York, established in 1990. In addition to all of these organizations, His Eminency is the founder and Secretary General of Bangladesh United Nations Association (BUNA), established in Dhaka, 1972.

H.E. Mohammed Nurul Alam, son of the late Mohammed Sirajul Islam, was born on February 28, 1953, at Mirsarai, Chittagong, Bangladesh and has been a social, religious and humanitarian worker since boyhood. Born in a respected Muslim religious family and gifted with a unique organizing ability, he has been a voluntary social worker all his life. He has developed an aptitude for universal humanism.

Through religious and spiritual capacity, His Eminency Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam became the spiritual successor of the Dayemi Sufi Dynasty Since 1977 and received his spiritual training from His Holiness Sheik Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (R.A.), the religious and spiritual leader and the Master of the Four Sufi Orders, trained H.E.M.N. Alam in spiritual and religious practices for Fifteen years. During his pilgrimage to Makkha in 1987, His Holiness Sheik Shah Sufi Sayed Dayemullah (R), the 42nd direct descendant and spiritual successor to The Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammed (SM), bestowed 43rd spiritual Successor ship upon H.E. Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam. He also designated H.E.M.N. Alam as Official Chief Khalifa and custodian of Dayera Sharif, a Sufi Institution and dynasty originated from the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammed (SM) and followed by his worthy followers. After passing away of Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (R.A.) in 1995, His Eminency Mohammed Nurul Alam has become the custodian of the seven hundred years old Holy Dayera Sharif Sufi Dynasty. He is also rendering social welfare, humanitarian and voluntary services already started by H.H. Mahisawar (R.A.), one of the direct descendants of the Holy Prophet of Islam who lived his life for the cause of humanity seven hundred years ago in South East Asia, especially in India , Bangladesh, Mynamar, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. 

His Eminency S.S.M.N.Alam, in serving the cause of neglected humanity, looks after more than 100 educational institutions including high schools, colleges, vocational training centers, madrashas, mosques, as well 15 orphanages housing several hundred parentless children in Bangladesh. His Eminency M.N.Alam has served asthe Managing Director of Dayemi Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Joint Motawalli of Sufi Nurullah WAQF Estate since 1987. He is also the Founder-Chairman of the Bangladesh Youth Hostel Association. He has been an Executive Member of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) Oxford, England and an executive member of the IARF South Asia Coordinating Committee India until 1997. During His Eminency's leadership, the IARF was granted consultative status with the U.N Economic and Social Council (ESOSOC). Currently, he is the President of the IARF Bangladesh Chapter. Mr.Alam is the only representative of the Muslim world who attends, on behalf of The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, the World Peace Congress, organized by IARF since between 1982 to 1987.

During his lifelong work toward peace and human rights, he has been associated with various national and international organizations rendering valuable services for the welfare of mankind. In December 1998 on the day of the observance of 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he was designated As Secretary-General and Chief of mission of the World Human Rights Service Council, New York, for the support of mankind and refugees. US President Bill Clinton and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan are some of the distinguished personalities of the World who have acknowledged this humanitarian effort in 1999. In the same year, His Eminency becomes a Founder Member of the Diplomatic Council of the London Diplomatic Academy, UK. 

Since 1982 H.E. Mohammed Nurul Alam has been acting as the permanent representative of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh to the United Nations in New York, Vienna, Geneva and five Regional Economic Commission offices in Thailand, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Iraq and Chile. Under H.E.M.N. Alams leadership, the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh acquired consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations as well as associate status with the Department of Public Information (DPI), and UNICEF. Also the Dayemi Complex, Bangladesh, while working towards peace in the Middle East since 1982, has been given Associate Status with the Palestinian Rights Division of the United Nations. H.E.M.N. Alam has coordinated many international conferences in support of the United Nations in Dhaka, Bangladesh and worldwide from the office in New York. He also visited the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and risked his life to negotiate peace between the Palestinian and Israeli authorities. This peace initiative included an eleven-point peace proposal for Palestinian and Israeli authorities, which was adopted in the International Peace Conference held in Dhaka under the auspices of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh and authorized by the United Nations General Assembly. The Peace proposal has been acknowledged by the Secretary-General of The United Nations as well by President Ronald Regan, Mr.Mikhail Gorbachev, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Chief Imam of the Holy Kaba in Makkah, the Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia and other Heads of State. For these and other services and for contribution towards world peace, the Secretary-General of the United Nations designated the Dayemi Complex, Bangladesh as The United Nations Peace Messenger Organization in 1986.

His Eminency Dr. Alam has visited Soviet Union in 1986 by the special invitation of Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev to attended the International peace conference at BAKU as speaker His Eminency predicted The all Muslim states and territories should be free and independent from Soviet Union. 

H.E.M.N. Alam organizes yearly seminars on behalf of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh and World Spiritual Assembly to confer religious and peace awards on distinguished personalities for their outstanding contributions in various fields of humanitarian, social and religious services. In the service of the world peace, H.E.S.S.M.N. Alam has undertaken a research project on the subject of peace, progress, welfare and justice. This study includes an analysis of the prophecy of the emergence of the Great Imam Mehdi (SM). This research indicates that He will bring universal peace and a lasting enlightenment for humanity in about the year 2002. In a letter to Field Marshall Mohammad Ayub Khan, then President of Pakistan, His Eminency had predicted in 1968, that Bangladesh is sitting on a bed of vast mineral resources and natural gas. Recently in 2001, US technical experts have identified eighteen locations of oil and natural gas in Bangladesh, verifying His Eminency’s earlier prediction. Negotiations are continuing presently between the governments of Bangladesh and the US to excavate and retrieve the newly discovered mineral resources. 

 In 1991, while President Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, His Eminency had predicted that he Mr. Clinton will be elected President of the United States for two terms and will not be facing impeachment in relation to the Monica Lewinsky affair. Additionally, He had also predicted that George W. Bush will be elected 43rd president of the US and he will remain in office for two terms. The Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas had conferred on him its honorary citizenship, and made him its honorary Ambassador. Since 1977, His Eminency Dr. M. N. Alam’s Predictions are 100% Confirm for the World Leaders, the Predictions for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and finally in the history of the USA first African American, Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of The United States of America. His Eminency Dr. M N Alam even predicted African American Senator Barrack Hussein Obama would win the Nomination for the Presidential Candidacy over Hillary Clinton and after the Presidential Oath Senator Hillary Clinton would work under him

H.E.M.N. Alam has traveled extensively in the interest of world peace, visited more than 186 countries including Israel and, South Africa and has attended over 700 conferences, seminars and congresses where he presented his Thesis "The Millennium Prophecy Heralding a Golden Age". Many influential leaders such as former U.S Presidents Bill Clinton and G. W. Bush and the U.N. Secretary General Dr. Kofi A. Annan have acknowledged the Millennium Prophecy. The Secretary General has recommended His Eminency to forward the Millennium Prophecy Statement to the permanent US representative to the U.N. for discussion to bring it to include it in the agenda of the U.N. Security Council and U.N. General Assembly. Accordingly, His Eminency has submitted the Prophecy to the White House, Washington, D.C. as well as to the President, U.N. General Assembly andU.N. Security Council.

His Eminency has presented the Millennium Prophecy at the Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town in December, 1999 and at the Millennium forum of the U.N. on May, 2000 and also at hundreds of conferences worldwide over twenty years. Many of the facts in the prophecy are beginning to be realized. The London Diplomatic Academy in its February edition highlighted the Millennium Prophecy statement. Professor Dr. Alfonso Roldan More, President of the European Union University in Madrid, Spain has included the Millennium Prophecy Herald a Golden Age in the University's curriculum for the Theology department. His Eminency's associate Dr. Amarjit Singh Anand and Dr. Ashoka Banerjee Paul is preparing, editing and compiling the Millennium Prophecy Thesis with the cooperation of Dr. Richard T. Jordan. This will be submitted to the European University of Madrid, Spain, Iowa, USA and also to the Ansted University of Malaysia, Damascus University of Syria, Al Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt, King Abdul Aziz University of Makkha, Saudi Arabia, U.N. World Peace University, Costa Rica and U.N. University Tokyo, Japan for the Millennium Thesis' round-table conference. 

The International Organization for World Peace, Disarmament, Development and Human Rights nominated His Eminency S.S.M.N. Alam, who has devoted his life to the cause of world peace, as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. In 1996 by the World Spiritual Assembly, New York, designated him as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Price and also the World Human Rights Service council jointly with the friends of United Nations Organizations, U.N. Office, New York, USA designated his name for the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize. Finally, in 1st February 2010 World Human Rights Service Council, UN Office New York USA had designated his name as Pioneer Spokes of Millennium Prophecy Herald A Golden Age.

The World Spiritual Assembly and its international forum held in the New York City in July 1989 have conferred three honorary Ph. D. degrees (Doctor of Comparative Religion, Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy in Spirituality) upon H.E. Nurul Alam. European Union University Iowa, USA and Ansted University, British Virgin Island, United Kingdom, Malaysia have conferred Honorary Ph. D. Degree Dr. in Philosophy and Spirituality to H.E. Nurul Alam in July 2000. His Eminency has received more than twenty-five honorary Ph.D. degrees from very respected educational institutions around the globe. 

The American Biographical Institute awarded him with the International Culture Diploma of Honor, and designed His Eminency Dr. Mohammad Nurul Alam as lifetime Deputy Governor. This organization also listed him in 5000 Personalities of the World 5th edition and on the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership. The Order of International Ambassador, and the Presidential Seal of Honor are also among the numerous recognitions awarded for his lifetime achievements. He is also listed in Who's Who in the World - 11th Edition, in 1993 and 17th Edition of Millennium Edition dated January 2000, and also is listed Who's Who in the East, Millennium Edition, 1999, a publication of Marquis Who's Who in the World, USA, International Who's Who Intellectuals - 12th edition and was named "Man of the 20th Century". His Eminency was awarded with the 20th Century Award for Achievement for his outstanding contribution towards world peace through the Millennium Prophecy by the International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England. He is also listed in the 1000 Leaders of World Influence 9th Edition, an American Biographical Institute publication which includes a summary of The Millennium Prophecy. H.E.S.S.M.N. Alam also appears of the 10th edition of 500 Leader of Influence of the World. This book also provides detailed information on the Millennium Prophecy.

Dr. Sheik Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam has been designated by the competent    authority of the Conch Republic as First Ambassador to the U.N. in August 2000 and heads the diplomatic mission in New York City for recognition of the Conch Republic and designated special representative of President of The Anjouan Islamic Republic to the United Nations June 2001 to December 2001. His Eminency Dr. M N Alam is Honorable Minister Plenipotentiary to UN of the International States Parliament for Safety & Peace since 2006. His Eminency has been awarded The Medal of The World Order Science-Education-Culture by the European Academy of Information as commander of World Peace. He also has been designated full time Professor of European Academy of Information on March 12, 2002, in the World Conference Madrid, Spain.

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam a Religious & Spiritual Leader, Philosopher, Historian, an International Diplomat Since 1985 at the United Nations, as well as researcher of Millennium Prophecy, Pioneer Spokesmen and writer of several books as follows “The Encyclopedia of Prophets & The Rulers of the Islamic World”, “The Millennium Prophecy Statement, Herald a Golden Age”, “Modern Prophet Dr. Alam’s Prediction for Peace & Destruction”, “World Heritage & Records of Sufism” & “The Christian King Ashama (Negush) of Ethiopia”. There are several book’s manuscript is under process of publish. Eminency’s humble designated associates Mr. Abu Billah Mohammad Gias Uddin Al-Azad.

A Conspiracy in Dayera Sharif led by So-called “Syeda” Saleha Khatun Along with Jewish converted Muslim

So-called Deen Mohammad or known as Deen Greenburgh

Hazrat Shah Sufi DayemUllah had abandoned his wife Saleha Khatun in 1980 because of her immoral activities as well as ill-motive to plunder all Nurullah Waqf State properties. With that egotistic mentality So-called Sayeda “Saleha Khatun”, had been making all the conspiracies to loot the Sufi Nurullah Waqf State property for their personal use along with her brother waliul Hoque Khondokar former accountant gen. of Bangladesh, Haji Ofa-ul Hoque Khondokar, Shefaul Hoque Khondokar (Chief Architect of all conspiracy inside the Dayera Sharif & He Passed away recently by the punishment of Almighty Allah), Tahera Khondokar, Jamshed Sanead Chowdhury, along with Sayed Dayem Ullah (RA)’s step brother Sayed Basharut Ullah and cousin brother Sayed Nur Ullah. The abovementioned inhuman personalities had been working with So-called “Sayeda” Saleha Khatun to destroy the backbone of Dayera Sharif and to loot anything and everything of Nurullah Waqf State properties and Dayemi complex Bangladesh Orphanage projects for their personal use.

His Eminency could not work in between all of the conspiracies of Saleha Khatun and her associates and because of that Eminency dr.alam  legally fighting against the Saleha Khatun's Gangster's   since 1996.

His Eminency Dr. M.N. Alam was kind to be married with Sayeda Rokeya Begum Daughter of Sheikh Dayemullah, with her three children at the time of Sufi DayemUllah in 1982. But unfortunately Eminency Dr. M N Alam had to declare her abandoned on March 1st, 2010 because of her conspiracy against Eminency, which was organized by her own mother Saleha Khatun along Deen Greenburgh. In reference letter #0786 dated March 1st, 2010 to the Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of Bangladesh as well as to additional IGP (Inspector General of Police) Govt. of Bangladesh CID. Please read the Bengali section in the part of Gulshan-E-Awlia and Bangladesh Government Gazet (1st & 2nd part of World Heritage & Record of Sufism) “Report of CID Department of Govt. of Bangladesh & Justice Habibur Rahman Khan, Bangladesh Supreme Court, Joint Secretary Fozlur Rahman Khan Ministry of Education, along with Chairmen Prof. Motiur Rahman of Bangladesh Madrasha Education board”.

Eminency has two Chilled one daughter, Sayeda Samiha Anjum USA citizen and one son, Hazrat Nur Muhauddin. Alam USA citizen.

Eminency’s Adopted Two son Faizi Mohammadi Ahmadullah , Ata-E-Nur Anwarullah, one adopted daughter Sayeda Noor-e-Sani (Children of Erfan Uddin), Please note all adopted sons and daughter also been abandoned because of their misbehave, misconduct and for laundering millions of taka & properties Nurullah Waqf State and Dayemi complex Bangladesh Orphanage projects by the active cooperation of Saleha Khatun & Deen Greenburg. Several cases had been started against them at the court of Law.

Eminency was compelled to declare his daughter  Sayeda Noor-E-Aynin along with his son Ata-E-Dayem Mahmudullah and Muhaiuddin Mohammad alam, For their gross misconduct, So in the month of Ramadan of 2008 and 2011, he has declared them as abandoned children who tried to destroy the image and dignity of his Eminency and made the conspiracy with the enemy of Islam, the so called Din Mohammad Abdullah (Din Greenbargh, a Jew) who migrated from Germany to US who was wanted by Bangladesh police and  American intelligence. There are several cases against Din Greenbargh and his gangsters. The details and information will come in the press release along with both of their pictures. This information has been reviewed on March 31st of 2010 in New York, USA with immediate effect for a public announcement. This dangerous person, enemy of Islam, should be carved down for his immoral activities by the law of the land. All concerns are requested, they should not cooperate with Eminency’s abandoned children for any reason.

A point should be noted and this point should be an example for those inhuman characteristics that worked or working directly or indirectly against the Awlias and their true representatives (Almighty Allah directly declares war against them). Mrs. Sayeda Rokeya Begum was an individual who was under the war with Allah accordingly for following the footsteps to work and illegally support her Mother Saleha Khatun as well as misguided by her immoral children like (Faizi Mohammadi Ahmadullah & Ata-e-Nur AnawarUllah & Noor E Sani, along with Mahmud & Aynin). Because of her notorious activities to support illegal gratification for her family members, she was punished by Allah to be dying a horrible death thru Fire inside the Holy Dayera Sharif in her Own Kitchen.  Eminency has warned her several times to rectify herself but unfortunately she never listened. The Holy Dayera Sharif had been established since 200 years ago by the 700 years old Sufi Dynasty, Eminency sacrificed his 35 years life inside the Dayera Sharif to establish more than 100 Educational Institute under the project of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh,  as a gift from Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) a great sufi saint of the world from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Eminency had worked 22 hours last 34 years for the benefit of Dayera Sharif to spread the spiritual heritage of 700 years old Sufi Dynasty, but Eminency’s outcomes were always being interrupted by the devil Saleha Khatun (Abandoned wife of Sufi DayemUllah (RA) along with active cooperation of so-called converted Muslim Deen Greenburgh Abdullah of USA. Her conspiracies were also led by the following inhuman characters, they all are under the accusation of Bangladesh Supreme court Writ petition# 1875/2003 reviewed on 2009 (A Demand of Justice notice had been established by the contempt of court writ petition of October 2009 by Advocate Dr. Aminul Hoque of Bangladesh Supreme Court):

 Noman Chowdhury (Bastard son of Late Osman Chowdhury), Motahar Shorkar, Kabir Ahmed, Jamir Hossain, Moulubi Enamul Hoque Qutubi, Moulubi Hannan, Nurul Islam of Ibrahim Pur, PS Nabi Nagar district B-Baria, Monir Ahmed ( Known as Moinna Chora of Shat Baria Chittagong), Prostitute Nargis Sultana of Munshigonj, Nurul Islam Munna of Suqrabad, Dhaka, Syed Nurullah & Syed Basharul Ullah, Nobo-Bikrom Tripura additional IGP of Police Police HQ Dhaka, additional DIG of Police Mokbul Hussain Bhuiya, Former OC Golam Rahman of Lalbagh P.S., SI Sajjad Hossain of DMP Dhaka, Inspector Fazlul Hoque of DC DB, SI Shafiqul Islam, SI Kamal Hossain, SI Alamgir Hossain, SI Abdul Qaiyum, SI Kala Chand Ghosh, SI Kazi Habib of CID, Enamul Hoque Shomrat, Sagar Psalms, Shah Alom (All the individuals are wanted by Romna Police Station DMP Dhaka, Bangladesh under the complain of Eminency Dr. M N Alam on October 4th, 2009.) Investigation Officer of this case is SI Jafor Ali.

Finally Mrs. Rokeya Begum was convinced and mislead by her devil mother and misbehaved several times with His Eminency Dr. Alam. On  March 3rd, 2010 His Eminency Dr. Alam was compelled to leave Bangladesh to  USA.  Before  leaving  Dayera  Sharif  Eminency   bestowed  his successorship to his Youngest Son Hazrat Sayed Faeyeze Harmayen KhalilUllah  as  deputy  custodian  and  acting  Motowalli  of   Sufi Nurullah Waqf State 42/2 Azimpur Road Dhaka  Bangladesh with immediate effect.

It Should be noted that, Mrs. Sayeda Rokeya Begum had passed way after getting caught by fire in her own kitchen on  March 7th, 2010. The accident of fire did not just happened it was  her punishment according   to   her   misconduct   with   her   humble   husband   His Eminency Dr. Alam thru many  conspiracies of her own notorious mother  so-called  Sayeda  Saleha  Khatun  (Abadoned  wife  Hazrat Sayed   Sufi   Dayemullah RA)  as   well   as   her   immoral  son   Fayeze Mohammadi Ahmadullah, Ata-e-Dayem Mahmud Ullah along with her immoral daughter Noor-E- Sani and Aynin.

Please note that, One of fellow Jewish follower from Germany  and migrated US citizen “Din Greenberg”, He became a so-called Muslim by His Eminency (In the time Sheikh DayemUllah 1992). But he has been looting Millions of Taka as charity by asking as donation for the Dayemi   Complex   Bangladesh   Projects   from   various   charitable Organizations. On July 1994 in the present of Sufi Dayemullah (RA), Eminency expelled the notorious cheater Deen Greenburgh from Dayera Sharif. Later, he was escaped from Bangladesh and managed to enter USA but there were several case filed against him at the court of New York State. After knowing about his charge he escaped from New York as well to Chicago, Illinois and still selling the name of Dayera Sharif & Dayemi Complex Bangladesh. Finally he had tried to misguide Mrs. Rokeya Begum and already misguided her immoral children,   Fayeze Mohammadi Ahmadullah, Ata-e-Dayem Mahmud Ullah along with her  immoral  daughter  Noor-E-  Sani  and Aynin all are under his long term conspiracy. For that  reason His Eminency Dr. Alam has taken administrative legal  action by several cases in Bangladesh as well as USA.

It should be highly noted that, Din Greenberg a so-called converted Muslim as well as immoral son Fayeze  Mohammadi Ahmadullah, Ata-e-Dayem Mahmud Ullah along with immoral daughter Noor-E- Sani and Aynin are actively  responsible for Mrs. Rokeya Begum’s accident of Fire and accordingly for her death. There are several cases that are already started at the Courts of Bangladesh.

The family members of Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar had preached Islam in many countries of Asian Continent especially like Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and Indonesia. His last family descendant 6th generation His Eminence Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayem Ullah ESTABLISHED DAYEMI COMPLEX BANGLADESH in 1969 at 42/2 Azimpur Chotta Dayera Sharif, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 1995 the great Sufi saint Hazrat Dayem Ullah had passed away and bestowed his successor ship along with the responsibility to be the Custodian and Motowalli of the Sufi Nurullah Waqf State, Azimpur Chotta Dayera Sharif as well as President of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh.

The Reference of the Websites that includes His Eminency Dr. Alams information:



Bangladesh (Peoples Republic of Bangladesh)

Area: 55,598 sq. mi. (144,000 sq. km) Birth Date: 16th December, 1971

Population (2000 est.): 129,194,224 (average annual rate of natural increase: 1.7%); birth rate: 25.4/1000; infant mortality rate: 71.7/1000; density per sq. mi.: 2,324. Capital and largest city: Dhaka: city proper (1991 census) 3,839,000; metro area (1996 est.) 8,500,000. Other large cities (est.mid-1994): Chittagong, 3,000,000; Khulna, 2,000,000. Monetary unit: Taka. Principal languages: Bangla (official), English. Ethnicity/race: Bengali 98%, Biharis 250,000, tribals less than 1 million. Religions: Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, Buddhist, Christian, other. Literacy rate: 36%. Economic summary: GDP/PPP (1998 est.): $175.5 billion; $1,380 per capita. Real growth rate: 4%. Inflation: 7% (1998). Unemployment: 35.2% (1996). Arable land: 73%. Agriculture: rice, jute, tea, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, beef, milk, poultry. Labor force: 56 million: agriculture, 65%; services, 25%; industry and mining, 10% (1996). Industries: jute manufacturing, cotton textiles, food processing, steel, fertilizer. Natural resources: natural gas, arable land, timber. Exports: $4.4 billion (1997): garments, jute and jute goods, leather, frozen fish and seafood. Imports: $7.1 billion (1997): capital goods, textiles, food, petroleum products. Major trading partners: Western Europe, U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, India, China, Singapore. Member of Commonwealth of Nations.

His Eminency Dr. Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam - Citizen of Bangladesh - Pioneer spokesman proclaimed Millennium Prophecy Heralds Golden Age during the Global Forum and World Summit (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992.

Alams vision of Bangladesh

History Of Bangladesh: Original a part (present Bangladesh was then called Greater Bengali) of undivided India it was earlier carved out of India (and named East Pakistan) by the colonialist British, in 1947, simultaneously creating West Pakistan, based of religious considerations. What a ' creative' design: a large chunk of land called India in between, with West & East Pakistan on two sides; rather, it was an ulterior motivation of the former imperialist power, in Hinduism; as a 'pasting-gift', the British created divisions based on religious affiliations.

Ultimately, this unfeasible and untenable administrative- arrangement could not remain effective any longer, and in 1971, miraculously, independent Bangladesh emerged, when at the pinnacle of successive tyrant military regimes gen. Yahya Khan, the dictator of West Pakistan imposed Martial-Law in the East, and imprisoned all political leaders in this region, including the recently elected President of Pakistan (East & West) Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman and they killed more then thirty million innocent people of Bangladesh during the ninth month so called military ruler against the liberation army of Bangladesh in 1971.

Sheikh was then empowered by his political party to head a government-in-exile, while still languishing in prison. At the express-request of the founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman, and international gestures of goodwill towards India, the then Indian Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi sent troops to the aid of the local liberation forces called 'Mukti-Bhini'. The joint forces commanded by Indian General Jagjit Singh Aurora compelled the Pakistan army to surrender within two weeks uner Gen. A.A.K. Niazi.

Religious & Spiritual Aspects of the area called the Golden Delta (Bay of Bengal) as envisioned by His Eminency.

The British had sensed the natural wealth but failed to drain it, as they done in other areas of the Indian sub-continent. Now American scientists have identified 19 such sites.

In 1968 His Eminency was a student of eighth grade in the Sarkar Hat N.R. High School, Misarai, and Chittagong. At the tender age, he was so advanced spiritually and intellectually that he shot off a detailed twelve page personal missive to the Military ruler of West Pakistan, Field Marshal Gen. Ayub Khan.

His 'Dreamer-of-Golden-Bengal' Proclamation follows:

East Pakistan is a land replete with vast untapped natural mineral resources, manpower, and crops. The regimes ruling Pakistan since 1947 have failed to give enough thought and attention to fully exploit these for the elevation of the living standards of the inhabitant local populace. Then started military rule in 58. However, you are a hero of the military establishment of this region, creating infrastructure as highways, and railways etc. I appreciate your gracious consideration of the East Pakistani people and their problems. I, also admire the dedicated work of your Governor, Lt. Gen.Azam khan.

East and West Pakistan are rooted in totally diverse cultures, heritage, linguistic and socio-economic ethos, political and historical milieu, food habits, customs and characteristics etc. Hence, they should not, and cannot, be a single entity for long; it is just not possible considering all the factors.

The famous Mughal Dynastic rule extended over undivided India, for over 300 years (15th century to 18th century). Emperor Jehangir, a descendant of the Founder of the dynasty, planned to visit Bengal areas of Dhaka and Chittagong. His local administrators in these areas, Shahista Khan named Dhaka as Jahangirnagar and Chittagong as Islamabad, in honor of the Royal visit.

Jahangir arrived there with his entourage comprising a nine member high-powered advisory council of intellectuals. It must be noted that with only exception of Aurangzeb all his predecessor Mughal Emperors were illiterate. Nevertheless, they were intelligent, and also preferred to encourage, and to seek and rely on the genius of their advisors.

When the royal party arrived there in the territory of chandpur, his advisors were there for a period of about six hours, and during this time they observed a host of natural phenomenon including rainbows, heavy rain, sunny weather, storms etc. Also, they noticed the two rivers Meghna and Padma flowing together' this was miraculous phenomenon of ebb and tide; water of two colors and two tastes: one as sweet, distilled, mineral water was puss and clean, and the other muddy and salted. they were intrigued at what they saw, and so they inquired in a humble manner why the Emperor was visiting the area, especially without wine and women. He told them that it was in accordance and pursuance of the dream of his forefathers, and as advised by their counselors. The Emperor sought their opinion about the people, and the geography terrain.

After detailed observations, they reported back. They advised him that though the area is miraculously rich in resources, the people are unworthy, with the exception of some religious-minded and spiritually-oriented guides and priests who migrated from Arab and other countries to preach Islam and Buddhism in the Indian sub-continent. They have a chronological ancestry and trace their lineage. The native people, the original inhabitants were generally fishermen, nicknamed 'Mug'. In the 12th century gradually the eastern part of India was developed by the migrant families of Greek, Egyptian, Iranian, Turkish and Portuguese origins. This was an amalgamation of all these cultures and races.

And so Jahangir and his party returned to Delhi, abandoning their visit to Dhaka and Chittagong, thereby leaving the dream unfulfilled.

Later, another Emperor Azim-ushan sent his Prime Minister Roshan Ali. This functionary was suffering from leprosy. He tried Indian herbal medicine but failed to be cured. Then, in a dream he was commanded by Almighty God to go to a holy place called Dayera Sharif in Azimpur area, where resided the great Sufi Saint Dayem, a direct descendant of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (pubh). Roshan Ali was cured of the dreaded disease. He resigned from his political position and took up religious preaching, and stayed there for twelve years. He presented a historic gold-leafed copy bore the seal and signature of Emperor Azim. Roshan Ali was later married to the only daughter of the Sufi Spiritual Master.

After several centuries, His Eminency visited holy Dayera Sharif on December 31, 1976 and acknowledged and researched all the academic resources, It is said: 'History repeats itself ', and so it was repeated when he was married to the only daughter of the current Sufi Shah Sayed Dayemullah, the 42nd descendant of the Prophet, and concurrent custodianship of the Holy Dayera Sharif. In right Ernest, he took up the duty of preaching Islam from Rangoon in Burma to manikganj in Bangladesh, and administering the shrines. For 15 years he researched extensively various sources including accounts written by Ibn-I-Batuta, and concluded that generally the ruling coterie and political touts, without knowledge and aims, objectives, and a sense of patriotism were exploiting innocent gullible people with corrupt practice and oppressive tactics. Confusion and chaos was the 'order of the day'.

These communications addressed to F.M. Ayub khan and Gen. Yahya Khan was duly acknowledged, but both failed to comprehend the import of the hidden message. Finally, on December 16, 1971, with the Benediction of Almighty, and the blessings of Sufi Masters, Bangladesh emerged as an independent entity.

95% of the people are Muslim. Ambitious Army Generals and corrupt politicians have been busy devising ways and means of unsurprising power and wealth since independence, giving a damn to the betterment of the poor masses. They paid no heed to spiritual and religious guidance, and continued on their corrupt path unchecked. They have no specific charted plan of action.

Upon his release from prison in Pakistan, Sheikh did not maintain cordial relations mentally, with the Indian establishment. Consequently, he was isolated, and then assassinated due to conspiracy involving his army. The influence of KGB (Soviet Intelligence) and RAW (Indian Intelligence) wanted the Indian allegations that the Indian army took away ammunition, heavy arms and luxury goods from the cantonment, when they had to finally withdraw.

Before the Blessed Advent of Imam Mahdi and Prophet Isah, none can help the Nation, and the state of affairs shall remain as it is, until such time. After that, this region shall emerge and be regarded as the most influential and wealthy place on the surface of earth, more than the kingdom of Brunei.

In March, 1972, His Eminency visited Banga Bhawan, at the invitation of the first president of Bangladesh, Hon. Justice Abu Sayed Chowdhury. Then, in September of '72,H.E. met with Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman and his political associate and uncle, Hafez Monir Hussain of Armani Tola, old part of Dhaka, at P.M. residence 32, Dhan Mandi. They, too, could not understand of Eminency.

At the request of the First President & Prime Minister, His Eminency founded, in 1972, the United Nations Assn. of Bangladesh, under the Patronage of the Bangladesh, President and Prime Minister. His Eminency was Founder Secretary-general, with Hafez Monir Hussain as its President. It must be noted that the UNAB was founded, at a time when the United Nations and the United States of America had not yet granted formal recognition the newly-born Bangladesh. Later His Eminency address communications to all world leaders, seeking recognition for the newly born country. The UN Secretary-, Dr. Kurt Waldheim paid a surprise visit to Bangladesh, during a stopover en-route Bangkok. His Eminency paid courtesy call on Dr. Waldheim, to inform him about the details of UNBA, and recognition matter. This Organization has been affiliated to D.P.I of the UN in 1975, Sheikh Mujib was assassinated, with the active connivance of the army. In 1977, H.E. visited President and Chief Martial law Administrator, Justice Abu Shahadat Mohammad Sayem (a relative of his) in the presidential house. This gentleman failed to understand. Subsequent Presidents, Justice Abus Satter and President Gen. Erahad followed suit. Following the same set pattern were two prime Ministers, Sheikh Hasina, and Khaleda Zia, whom His Eminency did not even deem proper to advise. “These two women themselves are their own problems for their nation. They will never succeed to lead Bangladesh. I am praying for all of them, God the Almighty bless all of them and bless Bangladesh its citizens.”

So now, having been tired of all this advocacy, H.E. has finally decided to address this very significant issue to a large audience: the global family, instead of the local political fraternity in Bangladesh. This Millennium prophecy goes out to all Heads of States and Governments, worldwide. His Eminency is always praying to Almighty God to save Planet Earth and the crowned creation of Almighty God, the human beings, accordingly in reference of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Prophet of mankind and peace and the attorney general for mercy in the day of judgment.

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