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Great Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed NurUddin N`iamatullahi-E-Wali (RA) of Kashmir 800 years ago
Prediction by His Eminency Dr. Alam about the First African American President of USA
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  Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

(An International Organization for Religious, Social, Educational, Humanitarian & Voluntary Services in Bangladesh in Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the U.N., United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and U.N. PEACE MESSENGER Organization designated by the U.N. Secretary General in 1986) Federal Tax I.D. # 13-369905, and Exempt Organizations Certificate No. EX218067, Registered as Non-profit Organization # 6045 with the State of New York, United States of America)


Contact Us:


HIS EMINENCY DR. HAZRAT SHAH SUFI MOHAMMAD NURUL ALAM (Founder, President, and UN Permanent Representative of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh) Secretary General UN Peace Messenger Organization

Religious & Spiritual leader, Chief Khalifa, Sufi Dynasty of Azimpur Dayera Sharif, 43rd Spiritual Successor from the Prophet of Mankind and Islam, President World Spiritual Assembly New York, USA, Honorable Minister Plenipotentiary to The UN of The International States Parliament For Safety And Peace, Life Time Deputy Governor of American Biographical Research Institute, Chief of the Mission of World Human Rights Service Council, (WHRSC) UN office New York USA, World Peace Envoy of DCB & It’s UN Permanent Representative to UN office New York, Geneva and Vienna Since 1985

Mailing Address: United Nations P.O. Box # 605, New York, NY-10163, USA

Office # 212-545-4124 Fax: 212-591-6257,,

Bangladesh Mailing Address: 42/2, Azimpur Chhoto Dayera Sharif, Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh. Fax: +02-9663963, Web Address:,

Bangladesh Mailing Address:

Dr. Shah A. K. Azad
Vice President Dayemi Complex Bangladesh
42/2 Azimpur Road, Chotta Dayera Sharif

Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh


Dr. Momtaz Uddin Ahmed

International Executive Committee of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

General Secretary Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

42/2 Azimpur Road, Chotta Dayera Sharif

Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh


A.B.M Gias Uddin Al-Azad

Protocol Officer of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

Treasurer of Dayemi Complex International Executive Committee

42/2 Azimpur Road, Chotta Dayera Sharif

Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh


Dr. Zamirul Akhter

Advocate Bangladesh Supreme Court

Legal Advisor, International Advisory Committee of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

42/2 Azimpur Road, Chotta Dayera Sharif

Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh



USA Mailing Address:

Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

PO Box # 605

New York, NY-10163, USA


Syed Faizi Harmayen Khalilullah (Currently Suspended)
United Nations Additional Permanent Representative
Dayemi Complex Bangladesh
United Nations Office

PO Box# 605, New York, NY-10163, USA

Md. Golam Rabbani

DCB United Nations Additional Parmanent Representative

DCB UN Office New York

PO Box# 605, New York, NY-10163

Mrs. Taslima Akter Sweety

Main Representative of DCB to UN Office New York

218 N. Texas Ave.

Atlantic City, NJ-08401


Dr. Meskerem Melaku

Dayemi Complex Additional Representative to UNECA, Addis Ababa

Citizen of Ethiopia

PO Box 60202 UNECA Addis Ababa Ethiopia


Mr. Abdur Rouf Advocate Bangladesh Supreme Court

Legal Advisor Dayemi Complex Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Supreme Court Bar Association Hall #1 Dhaka Bangladesh

Cell: 8801819514684