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Chronological History of World Muslim Rulers


Statement by His Eminency Shah Sufi Mohammed Dr. Nurul Alam  United Nations Permanent Representative and President World Spiritual Assembly New York, USA

Press Release April 2nd, 2009 New York




The First and Last Prophet of mankind and peace Hazrat Mohammed (peace be upon Him) of Makkah, Saudi Arabia (SAW) was born in 570.He was bestowed by Almighty Allah by the Holy Quran as the last and final prophet of mankind in 610. He worked in Makkah with an aim to establish the Islamic State. At length, it was founded Darul Islam or Islamic State in Holy Medina in the Arabic Month of Rabiul Awal, in the Year 622. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) passed away in 632, in Hijri Year 11. He said: There will be no advent of any other Prophet after me. Soon the Khalifs and spiritual successor will come & they will be many in numbers to lead mankind."

After two and a half days of the death of The Grand Prophet (SAW), the Muslims took Oath from Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) and elected him as the First Khalif to rule the Islamic State in the year 632 A.D. The following list states the names of the Khalifs, Rulers of the Islamic State, and their Ruling Periods of from 632 A.D to March 03, 1924:


Khulafaey Rashedin or First Four Khalifs (001 004):

001. Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)

002. Hazrat Omar Bin Al-Khattab (RA

003. Hazrat Osman Bin Affan (RA)

004. Hazrat Ali Bin Abu Taleb (RA)

0011 - 0013

0013 - 0023

0023 - 0035

0035 -0040

 0632 - 0634

0634 - 0644

0644 - 0656

0656 - 0661

After Khulafaey Rashedin, the Fifth Khalif (005) :

005. Hazrat Hasan Bin Ali (RA)

0040 - 0041

0661 -0661

From 632 A.D to 661 A.D, the Muslims under the leaderships of Khulafaey Rashedin Khalifs, conquered and occupied Al-Hirah, Damask, Hims, Balabakk, Basra, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Al Ahwaz, Al Madain, Jerusalem, Egypt, Iran, Ajarbaijan, Tripoli, Hamajan, Asbahan, many roman territories, Sapur, Tripolitania, Andalus of Spain, Cyprus, Khurasan and Nisapur.

The Khalifs from Umaiyah Dynasty (006 019) :

006. Muabiah Bin Abu Sufian

0041 - 0060

0661 - 0680

007. Yazid Bin Muabiah

0060 - 0064

0661 - 0680

008. Muabiah Bin Yazid

0064 - 0064

0683 - 0683

009. Marwan Bin Al Hakam

0064 - 0073 

0683 -0692

010. Abdul Malek Bin Marwan

0073 - 0086

0692 - 0705

011. Walid Bin Abdul Malek

0086 - 0096

0705 - 0715

012. Solayman Bin Abdul Malek

0096 - 0099

0715 - 0717

013. Omar Bin Abdul Aziz

0099 - 0101

0717 - 0720

014. Yazid Bin Abdul Malek

0101 - 0105

0720 - 0724

015. Hisham Bin Abdul Malek

0105 - 0125

0724 - 0773

016. Walid Bin Yazid Bin Abdul Malek

0125 - 0126

0743 - 0744

017. Yazid Bin Al Walid (An Nakis)  

0126 - 0126

0744 - 0744

018. Ibrahim Bin Al Walid

0126 - 0127

0744 - 0744

019. Marwan Bin Mohammad (Al Himar)

0127 - 0132

0744 - 0750

During the rein of Umaiyah Dynasty (Khilafat) Libya, Sudan, Many Territories in Asia, North Africa, roman territories, Tazakhistan, Bukhara and other Regions, Sindh and Panjab, the entire Andalus, parts of France, Khawarizim and Samarkhand, Kabul and Tas Territory came under Muslim Rules.

The Khalifs from Abbasia Dynasty (020 - 074) :

020. Abul Abbas Al Saffah 0132 - 0136 0750 - 0754

021. Abu Zafar Al Mansur 0137 - 0158 0754 - 0775

022. Al Mahdi 0158 - 0169 0775 - 0785

023. Al Hadi 0169 - 0170 0785 - 0786

024. Harun Ar Rashid 0170 - 0193 0786 - 0809

025. Al Amin 0193 - 0198 0809 - 0813

026. Al Mamun 0198 - 0218 0813 - 0833

027. Mutasim Billah 0218 - 0227 0833 -0842

028. Wathik Billah 0227 - 0232 0842 - 0847

029. Mutawakkil Aalallah 0232 - 0247 0847 - 0861

030. Muntasir Billah 0247 - 0248 0861 - 0862

031. Mustayeen Billah 0248 - 0252 0862 - 0866 

032. Mutaz Billah 0252 - 0255 0866-  0869

033. Muhtadi Billah 0255 - 0256 0869 - 0870

034. Mutamid Aalallah 0256- 0279 0870 -0892

The above Khalifs founded the City of Baghdad and the City of Samirra. They also reconstructed Masjid Al Haram. During rule of Khalif Mutasim Billah, in the War to rescue a Muslim Women, 30,000 Roman soldiers were killed by Muslim Force and other 30,000 were arrested. Also, the Amuriah Territory came under Muslim Rule.

035. Muaddid Billah 0279 - 0289 0892 - 0902

036. Muktafi Billah 0289 - 0295 0902 - 0908

037. Muktadir Billah 0295 - 0320 0908 0933

038. Al Quahir Billah 0320 0322 0933 0934

039. Ar Radhi Billah 0322 0329 0934 0940

040. Muttakki Billah 0329 0333 0940 0944

041. Mustakfi Billah 0333 0334 0944 0945

042. Al Muti Lillah 0334 0363 0945 0974

043. At Tayee Lillah 0363 0381 0974 0991

044. Quadir Billah 0381 0422 0991 1074

045. Quayeem Bi Amrillah 0422 0467 1031 1074

Cicili came under Muslim Rule, Alb Arsalan defeated Romans.

046. Muktadi Bi Amrillah 0467 0487 1074 1094

047. Mustazhir Billah 0487 0512 1094 1118

048. Mustarashid Billah 0512 0529 1118 1135

049. Ar Rashid Billah 0529 0530 1135 1136

050. Muqqtafi Li Amrillah 0530 0555 1136 1160  

051. Mustanjid Billah 0555 0566 1160 1170

052. Mustadhi Bi Amrillah 0566 0575 1170 1179

General (Commander-in-Charge) Al Ayubi constructed the Wall of Cairo, defeated the crusaders in the Battle Field of Hittin in Palestine. He also made Al Quds and Syria free for Muslims.

053. Nasir Li Dinillah 0757 0622 1179 1225

054. Az Zahir Bi Amrillah 0622 0623 1225 1226

055. Muntansir Billah 0623 0640 1226 1242

056. Mustasim Billah 0640 0656 1242 1258

From 1258 to 1261, there was no Khalif. That time Halaku Khan (Tatar Force) occupied Baghdad and killed 01.60 Millions of Muslims along with the Khalif. At length, Al Muzaffar Quds defeated Tatar Force in present Palestine. Verily Al Mustansir Billah was the last Khalif of Baghdad.

057. Mustansir Billah 0659 0660 1261 1263

058. Hakim Bi Amrillah 0661 0701 1263 1301

From 1262 to 1301, many Tatar Groups were converted into Muslims. Ibne Al Ahmar re-occuppied 32 Cities in Andalus of Spain. Malik Al Mansur defeated Tatar Force in Syria & rescued Tripoli from ocuupations of the crusaders.

059. Mustakfi Billah 0701 0740 1301 1339

060. Wasik Billah 0740 0742 1339 1341

061. Hakim Bi Amrillah 0742 0753 1341 1352

062. Muotadid Billah 0753 0763 1352 1362

063. Mutawakkil Alallah 0763 0785 1362 1383

064. Wasik Billah 0785 0788 1383 1386

065. Mustasim Billah 0788 0791 1386 1389

066. Mutawakkil Alalllah 0791 0808 1389 1406

That time Bulgaria came under Muslim Rule, France & Germany were defeated by Muslims.  

067. Mustayeen Billah 0808 0833 1406 1430

068. Muotadhid Billah 0833 0845 1430 1441

That time General (Commander-in-Chief) Murad occupied Albania.

069. Mustakfi Billah 0845 0854 1441 1450

070. Quayeem Bi Amrillah 0854 0863 1450 1459

From 1450 to 1480, Mohammad Al Fatih occupied Constantinipole in Turkey, Sarbia, Bosnia, some Greek Islands, Otoranto in Italy.

071. Mustanjid Billah 0863 0884 1459 1479

072. Mutawakkil Billah 0884 0903 1479 1497

073. Mustamsik Billah 0903. 1497.

074. Mutawakkil Alallah ..0923 ..1517

Starting of Khilafat of Usmania Dynasty (075 - ) :

075. Selim (The First) 0923 0973 1517 1520

076. Solayman (The Second) 0926 0973 1520 1566

Muslims occupied Belgrade in Yugoslavia, Rudis, Budapest in Hungary, Algeria, Tabriz, Tunisia, Crete Island, South France. Vienna & Malta Island were surrounded by Muslims. Austrian & Spainish Soldiers were defeated by Muslims. Austria paid Zizia (Non Muslim) Revenue. The largest Church was converted into Mosque where Khalif Solayman prayed Jumma Salat or Weekly Friday Prayer.

077. Selim (The Second) 0973 0981 1566 1574

078. Murad (The Third) 0981 1003 1574 1595

Polunia wilfully came under Muslim Rule. Muslims peacefully occupied Kargstan, Taghistan, Sarwan, Luristan, Azarabaizan of Soviet Union and also occupied Morocco & Orlo of Hungary. From this period, due to non-joining of Khalif himself directly in the battles, the Islamic State gradually became weak.

079. Mohammad (The Third) 1003 1013 1595 1603

080. Ahmed (The First) 1013 1027 1603 1617  

081. Mostafa (The First) 1027 1028 1617 1618

082. Osman (The Second) 1028 1032 1618 1622

083. Mostafa (The First) : Again Second Time 1032 1033 1622 1623

084. Murad (The Fourth) 1033 1050 1623 1640

085. Ibrahim (The First ) 1050 1060 1640 1650

086. Mohammad (The First) 1060 1098 1650 1687

087. Solayman 1098 1102 1687 1691

088. Ahmed (The Second) 1102 1107 1691 1695

089. Mostafa (The Second) 1107 1115 1695 1703

War between Russia & Muslim State. War against entire Europe by Muslims.

090. Ahmed (The Third) 1115 1142 1703 1730

Muslims kept surrounded Seizer of Russia.

091. Mahmood (The First) 1142 1168 1730 1754

Russia and Austria were defeated by Muslims. Belgrade & many other Territories were returned to the Muslims.

092. Osman (The Third) 1168 1171 1754 1757

093. Mostafa (The Third) 1171 1187 1757 1773

Russian Naval Force were defeated by Muslim Naval. Also in land battle Russia was defeated.

094. Abdul Hamid (The Third) 1187 1203 1773 1789

095 ? 096 ? 097 ? 098

095. Selim (The Third) 1203 1222 1789 1807

Nepolian Bonapart occupied Egypt in 1798. In 1799 Nepolian was defeated in Akka of Palestine.  In 1801, Nepolian again was defeated in Alexandria. Britain & Russia attacked Muslim State. Muslims surrounded Bosforas, defeated British & British left Egypt. In 1807, France & Russia signed on Peace Treaty against Muslims. 

096. Mostafa (The Fourth) 1222 1223 1807 1808

097. Mahmood (The Second) 1223 1255 1808 1839

098. Abdul Majid 1255 1277 1839 1861

099. Abdul Aziz 1277 1293 1861 1876

100. Murad (The Fifth) 1293 1293 1876 1876

101. Abdul Hamid 1293 1327 1876 1909

102. Mohammad Rashad 1327 1336 1909 1918

War between Muslims and Italians in Tripoli. In the war of Bolkan between Muslims and Greece, Bulgaria & Sarbia, Muslims lost all Bolcan Territories. In the First World war Muslims were defeated and the Islamic State were reduced. Belpore Promised the undertaking to establish Jewish State for Jews in Palestine.

103. Mohammad Wahid Uddin (The Sixth) 1336 1341 1918 1922

104. Abdul Majid Wahid Uddin 1341 1343 1922 1924

The western Powers divided the Arab Countries & Turkey on the basis of Nationalisms & most of those countries became colonies under Western Powers. The western spy, Kafer (Betrayer against Islam) : "Mostafa Kamal Pasha" took over rule of Turkey, abolished Khilafat with the help of verily Western Powers. The episode was not ended there. Kamal imposed the ordinance to record Holy Quran in Turkey Language in lieu of Arabic. The Islamic Sheriah Courts were abolished. Females were forbidden for Un-Islamic Dresses, Ayasafia Mosque was converted as Museum, Legendary Fez caps were forbidden & ordered to wear Western Caps so that it creates trouble to pray Salat. Islamic Studies were stopped in Governmental Institutes. Muslims were ordered to change their Islamic Names, utmost efforts to change of Heiridity Laws imposed by Allah and to destroy all Islamic Cultures and Ideologies.

That time, British Foreign Minister said : " We must put an end to anything which brings about any Islamic Unity between the Sons of Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off the Khilafat so we must ensure that there will never arise unity for the Muslims whether it be Intellectual or Cultural Unity". Just that time one Christian Baptist Mission reported to the congenital Pope about their failure to make Muslims converted to Christians. In reply, the Pope said, "Our Mission is not to convert the Muslims, rather to keep them away from Islam".

From March 03, 1924 to this day, Muslims are deviated from Islamic State and "Khilafat" and they are living Kufar or Deviated livelihood. Rasul (SAW) said : "So long Nabuat or Prophecy will exist in you, as long as Allah wishes to exist & sometimes Allah will withdraw it wilfully. After that, it will come Khilafat Rule, which will be follow of the ways guided by Prophet (SAW). Their rules shall remain safe so long, as long as Allah wishes to & sometimes also Allah withdraw it. After that it will come Dynasty Rules & also that will exist so long, as long as Allah wishes to & sometimes also Allah will withdraw it. After that it will come the Rules of Tyrranism & Oppressions. After certain time, in the same manner Allah will also withdraw it as per his wish. After that again it will return the Rules of "Khilafat". Saying all these Rasul (SAW) kept silent". (Translation of the Hadith : Ahmed Ebne Humble).

From the above Hadith, we get the idea that verily the Nabuat or Prophecy of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) is the last one and after his Nabuat it will come the true age likewise Khulafaey Rashedin or the Rules of Four Ideal Khalifs. After their Rules as per Mohammadia (SAW) Tariqa or Way, it will come Dynasty Rules, say Umaiya, Abbasia, Automan etc. Then Mankind will be victims of Rules of Tyrranies and Oppressions, probably at the Rule of Kamal Ataturk it will be abolishment of Khalif Rules. Then again it will return Khilafs as per ways guided by Rasul (SAW). And the introducer of this last Khilafat Age, will be the last Worldwide Muzadded or Re-Constructor : Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS). It is re-quoted some Hadiths of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) by which this idea can be justified. Rasul (SAW) clearly demonstrated about the time of advent of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS) in this Hadith as : "Imam Mehdi (AS) will take over the Charge of Khilfat at his age of 40 years. Verily then it will be his advent. Before his advent, it will happen Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse in the Holy Month of Ramadan. In the year while it will happen such miracles, it will be advent of Imam Mehdi (AS), Ref.: Meshkat Sherif. So, it can be said without stint or hesitations that verily Imam Mehdi (AS) will be the Leader or Imam of Khilafat.


It is hard to say surely whether everybody accepts the existence of non-mundane after world. So, it is necessary to arrive at a conclusion whether non-mundane after world exists or will exist or not. For the reason, it is needed to have proper focus of right Thoughts and Research. About its existence it should have proper knowledge whether the Universe and Cosmos will be destroyed, will it be ? Because, if the Universe and Cosmos will not be destroyed, not to speak or question of the Non-Mundane After World. And it arises the Chief Difficulty of solution, is or was there any starting of Universe or Cosmos. Because, if any Creation has a starting, it is must destructible. And which is not created, existing since unlimited past or infinity, it is beyond destruction.

In Modern Science, as per observations on creativity, it is strongly said : About 10 Billion or 1000 Crore Years ago, all Matters of the Universe and Cosmos was inside a vast sphere, a Super Heated Sphere. And its heat was over 10 to the power 11 Degree Kelvins. There was no existence of any Atom or Nucleus of Atom in that heat, besides only the Basic Molecules of Electron, Positron and Quark. Protons and Neutrons are formed of these basic molecules.

In the said sphere, sometimes it was held a big explosion. George Gamow terms this Sphere & Explosion collectively as : Big Bang. The great scientist Albert Einstein has demonstrated this feature in his "General Theory of Relativity". After that big explosion, all internal Matters of the Sphere started running in Meteoric Super Speeds. That means the expansion of Universe and Cosmos was started. By experiments it is observed that still now the Galaxies keeping away reciprocally from each other. After 0.7 Millions of years from that big explosion the heat of the Universe and Cosmos reached (Came Down) up to 3000 (Three Thousand) Degree Kelvins. The heats of Planets became much more less than the Stars. The Earth reached cool temperature wherein Evolution Process continued on.

So, without stint it can be said that the advent of the Universe and Cosmos was as a sphere and verily the Momentum of Creation of that sphere is the starting of this Universe and Cosmos. Now this is to justify whether there is or will be destruction of this Universe and Cosmos. If there is, there shall arise no doubt about starting of this Universe or Cosmos. Because, it is already hinted, if there is a starting of any Matter or Object, it is must destructible. Universe and Cosmos means all Matters or Objects inside it. Verily by calculations of last situations of those Matters or Objects, it is possible to calculate the last situation of this Universe and Cosmos.


In ancient of time, by the Big Bang or Explosion of the Light Sphere or the Gaseous Sphere, it was broken asunder in many pieces one of which is The Sun. About 400 Crores years ago, the Sun got its existence. The Sun is a star. The period of first stage evolution of Solar Universe is Ten Hundred Crore years. By the time, many of the stars have overcome that period & also have full extension of Helium Atom converted from Hydrogen Atom. But the sun still could not overcome that period. The sun will take more 550 (Five Hundred Fifty) Hundred Crore years to have it. But the process of Hydrogen Atoms to be converted into Helium Atoms is going on in the sun which proves that The Sun and other Stars will sometimes be non-lighting, by means of repeated evolutions therein. In the Second Thermostatic Theory it is said that, The Light power is diminishing gradually. In scientific term it is said as Entropy.

The Sun is the life of The Solar Universe. The Solar Universe comprises of those Stars which are rounding around the sun. If this sun becomes non lighting, what a terrible destructive situation will arise, is beyond imagination.


In 1993, Sumekar Levy 9 Comet collided and harmed the greater planet Jupiter. This sight was shown in TV Screen. Worldwide peoples were astonished. In the Space, numerous comets exist along with this one. Even few days ago, a comet named Helbop was also seen. When such collisions will be held on which one, really hard to say.


Meteors are the snatched out or deviated Stars. The stars are very small. They have no own light. Even they can not take light from the sun. On death of the stars they drop down towards the earth as Meteor. Then their speed is 2000 Miles per Second. But the amazing matter is that Meteors do not fall down on the earth. They are finished verily in the sky. On 21st December, 1876, a Meteor ran about one thousand miles and exploded in the sky over a place named Saint Luis & some tiny stars came out to be vanished. The tremendous sound from that explosion reached the earth 15 minutes later.

On 13th November, 1866 two Meteors were seen in the sky which later on burst into numerous ones. The whole sky was over flooded with light. That sight was seen for about three hours. In 1902 and 1932 same sight was seen. In 1932, the Habshi Slaves were screaming in fear of lives.

Had this dangerous game of the Meteors happened on the earth, it could cause irrepairable losses which is needless to say. But what is the certitude that it will never happen in future.  


In 1996, the scientists isolated 07 or 11 stars on explosions. May be, numerous such stars were out of sights of the scientists. However, it is easily assumed that all Stars will come under explosions, havoc and finishing.


European Scientist Professor Malikan invented "Cosmic Radiation". This is very little in amount but extremely powerful. Cosmic Radiation is a strange and played Revolutionary Role in scientific world. It is known that from any unknown source, some kind of Rays or Radiation, that is, Cosmic Radiation, regularly falling on the Solar Universe. It is impossible to check this process. The main work of this Radiation is to destroy the atoms inside all matters. This radiation destroys 20 Atoms per Second in the air space of the earth.


Scientists have passed clear opinion on havoc or ruin of the Universe and Cosmos. For example : All existing stars in the sky will be dead and non lighting. After that it will happen tremendous explosions, all components will break asunder and will be spread out in the space. John Wheeler, the Princeton Scientist of Physics, said : The Universe will be narrower and narrower, that is, destruction after destruction, it will be an utmost condensed or Forged object, named Black Hole. It is important to observe that the stars become Black Hole by destruction. Whereas, the resultant tiny ruins of the Universe is also termed as Black Hole. Probably, the reasonable causality of this Black Hole is not limited only in common meanings (This Very Is).

In the light of modern science, the starting and finishing of the Universe and Cosmos, is already proven. Now, it is to discuss about how much true is the Non-Mundane World or After World ?

Scientists say : The tiny objects after havoc or destruction of Universe and Cosmos, again will expand. This theory is also supported by John Wheeler, the Scientist on Physics. So, it can easily be said : By means of expansion, the object will enter into a new universe, and which that Universe is ? What is Non-Mundane World or After World ? May be, many persons will be strange.

From Chemistry, it is known that by means of reaction on any Matter, it is possible to get its Molecular Components. This is not a problem to create ? (The Matter) newly. Let us cite an example : "If Water or Steam (H2O) is broken down, it comes 02 Molecules of H : Hydrogen and 01 Molecule of Oxygen. Again it can be formed Water or Steam by these two elements".

Now, the Components of the expanded Universe and Cosmos are in that Sphere or Gaseous Sphere (That Condensed or Forged Universe and Cosmos). So, what is the problem to create ?

Again from that condensed sphere which was converted from the expanded Universe and Cosmos.

Reference of Bibliography : 01. Bible, Quran and Science : Dr. Moris Bokailie; 02. Religion, Logic And Science : Momtaz Doulatana; 03. Why Should We Obey Allah : Allama Sayed Muztoba Musavilari; 04. Biswa Nabi or World Prophet : Golam Mostafa.

The following comment is not from the contents of this Book under Translations :

Translators Comment : Chemistry says : "Matter is Indestructible, it can neither be Created nor be Destroyed. The Total Quantity of any Matter before any Change is exactly equal to the Total Quantity of that Matter after any Change or Reaction.

----Reference : All Standard In-Organic Chemistry Text Books around the world.

It depends 100% on the Author of this Book whether to accept and follow or not to accept and follow the above comment of Translator.


Scientists opine completely the same opinion that the World Continent will again be established. As per their opinions, as such all the Continents are gradually translocating around the circular world, so in a later future these will again be adjacent to each other to establish "The World Continent". But why the Scientists use the word "Again" about formation of "World Continent" ? This is because, also at the first stage of the earth, there was the existence of World Continent. After creation, the entire land of the earth was in a unique part.

Presently, as the earth exists in different parts as Continents, that is, 07 Continents in six parts. As the two Continents Asia & Europe are adjacent in a unique parts, so there are six parts among the 07 Continents. Earlier, it was not like this. Then all the Continents were unified and established a vast unique land part. Scientists named that vast unique land part as : "World Continent or The Granduanaland".

But many peoples disbelieve the existence of this World Continent. Their question is what is the proof for favour of this doctrine ? Yes ! there are proofs. From the Rudimental Situation of the creation, Asia and Europe are in a unique land part. Again, the Panama Canal unifies two Americas. But, sometimes North America was the part of Eurasia which is proven by Botanist Roland Good. He said : He found such Arctic Herbs and Plants in Greenland which also grow on the top of the Himalayas. The Himalayas is in Asia and Greenland is in North America. As Mr. Good opines, had North America not been unified with Eurasia, despite of so long ocean distant, how the plants species growing on the Himalayas are available on Greenland ? Present distance between these two land parts does not favour the dispersal of seeds of these plants. Therefore, sometimes North America, Europe and Asia was as a unique land part and because of Panama Canal South America and surely also Africa was attached with those.

Because, as per opinion of Scientist Weizner, South America and Africa are the two parts of a unique land part. He says : Brazil exists to the east of South America where the coastal part is round and if this round portion is added with the angular round coastal part to the west of Guinea, then it becomes a unique land part. Not only that, there are strange similitude in many species of Plants and Animals of these two Continents which manifests the proof of unique land part in the past. Again, there are also proofs that Australia & Antarctica were also with these continents. In these two Continents it was found such Fossils of Plants which were also available earlier in many countries around India, Central Africa and South America.


In this way, Scientists have proven the existence of "World Continent". Yet they have to face various questions. Many peoples ask them as : OK ! this existence is true, but how it was broken asunder ? How it increased unlimited distances among these parts ? And why there are dissimilarities of Plants, Animals, Weathers and Climates around these parts ? And how it is the possibility of unification of these vast distant parts ? Scientists also answered on all these questions. They opine as : After creation of that vast unique land there might happen a tremendous Earth-Quake. Resultantly, it was created some big cracks therein. Later on, those cracks gradually increased which broke asunder into these parts.

After that, it was gradually increased the distances among those parts. Because of "Convection Streams" of the oceans, the main land part was translocable. Even after divisions, that translocations in the parts were going on. Resultantly, all the parts tended to go distant from each other. And which increased the distances. But because of diversity of that "Convection Stream", diversity of environment also appeared in those parts. As a result it appeared climatic diversity on them. To adapt with new climates, all the respective Plants and Animals for their survival therein, were under shelter of Adaptation named : "Adaptable Dispersions or Organic Diffusions". Resultantly these dissimilarities appeared.

But still the continents are translocable. For which it is possibility to be established The World Continent. Specially, North America is gradually translocating to the west which breeds the possibility for establishment of The World Continent again.

Reference : The Daily Janakntha, Dhaka, Bangladesh; February, 1997.

The ancient and rudimental habitats of the earth Hazrat Adam (AS), his wife Hazrat Bibi Hawa (Mrs. Eve) and their children started to live in a specific place. At the time of Hazrat Nuh or Noa (AS), the tremendous Natural Cuasalities and Calamities like Deluge or Unprcedented Flood caused ruin of the First Civilization. On starting of the Second Civilization by Hazrat Nuh or Noa (AS), all Noas children were spread out around the various parts of the earth, in other words said World Continent or The Granduanaland, as the Ancestors or Forefathers of Mankind. Verily in this way, later on, the Dynasty of Adam (AS) started to live in the various separated parts of the earth with the identities of various Races to initiate the habitat world innovating various civilizations. In these civilizations, gradually there came diverse Superstitions, Anti-Humanity Cultures and Activities. Mankind started to be confused and deviated and they forgot the Voices of Great Creator Allah. Ages after ages, Allah sent Prophets, Rasul (SAW) and Path Finders to guide the right ways for these confused and deviated mankind.

In the middle age, while various Civilizations and Races were about to build up reciprocal cooperations, then Allah sent the last Prophet and World Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) in the Center of the Earth, in Holy Mecca City in the Arab Peninsula, to relay the Voices of Allah to all Races in the earth. Today, the followers of Great Prophet (SAW) are spread out every corner in the earth. But it is the matter of grievance and repentance that they are ununified and made apart themselves, being cheated due to lack of Moral Turpitude and in other sense, they are even acting against the Cardinal Rules and Ethics of verily Islam.

In this crucial juncture of the Mankind around the world, the Researcher of Forecasts and Predicts of thousand years, and the Author of this Book : His Eminency Shah Sufi M. N. Alam feels Anxiety, Solicitude, Suspense and Apprehensions that if the present Races on the Earth continue reciprocal envious actions among themselves and if the rich and so called Civilized Races continue suck and deprive on the comparative Less Civilized Races, then it is not impossible to happen the Third World War. And after that apprehended grievances, there will be the Holy Advent of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS), as the last Mozadded or Reconstructor, hailing verily from the dynasty of the last Prophet (SAW) and his cooperator Prophet Hazrat Eesa or Jesus (AS), to organize all Mankind surviving from the said havoc to come under the same flag of Parity, Peace and also to lead the Heavenly Peaceful Civilization.

The renowned Sufi from Bangladesh, His Eminency Shah Sufi M. N. Alam also opines same as per opinion of Ronald Good. But as per opinion of His Eminency Shah Sufi M. N. Alam : The said World Continent or Granduanaland, the Grand Concord of Mankind will not be founded based on Geographical Reasons. Because, it is necessary more long times for the said Geographical Change. Scientists predicted on it to be Billions of years. But the Earth Civilization shall exist only for several hundred years. And the allied Political, Religious and Social World Continent will be founded after advent of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS) and

Hazrat Eesa or Jesus (AS). The unique flag of Parity, Friendships and Peace shall remain hoisted around the world. The whole world shall be led by the single unique leader. Verily in that sense, it will be established the World Continent.

From the review of history it is observed that, the world tourists like : Ebne Batuta, Huen Sung, Marco Polo visited many places in the world by their world tour programs on foot. The purpose of their visits were to invent the egends of Civilizations. His Eminency Shah Sufi M. N. Alam also visited 145 countries. The purpose of his visits is to carry out Research on Histories of Mankind and Evolution thereof and in that sense, to isolate and denote the probable Place and ime of Holy Advent of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS) and his cooperator Hazrat Eesa or Jesus (AS) and to inform and urge all habitats around the world to be guided in the ways of Truth and Justice.

-----The Editor.

Dr.Ms.Ashoka Paul



The controversy about the personality of Jesus Christ (SM) is the major difference between Islam and Christianity. This difference keeps the followers of the two religions apart. Muslims look at Jesus Christ (SM) as a great Prophet of God and love and respect him as much as they love and respect Abraham, Moses and Muhammad. Christians on the other hand consider Jesus as God or Son of God, a concept that Muslims cannot accept. Islam teaches that Jesus never made such a claim for himself. As a matter of fact all the cardinal doctrines of Christianity that are rejected by Islam center on the personality of Jesus. Specifically these are:


1.      The Trinity

2.      The Divinity of Jesus (SM)

3.      The Divine Sonship of Christ (SM)

4.      Original Sin

5.      Atonement.

  It is clear that all these dogmas are the result of over-exhaling Jesus Christ (SM) above what God wants him to be. These differences focusing on the personality of Jesus (SM) have overshadowed the many similarities between Christianity and Islam. Some examples are the moral system and the emphasis on humane principles. 

They have even over-shadowed the beliefs that Muslims associate with Jesus Christ such as the Virgin Birth of Jesus, being able to speak in the cradle, performing miracles, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The following two articles aim at presenting a true picture of Jesus in Islam and explaining, why Christians deviated from his original teachings. The first article also indicates that many scholars and thinkers, who are still within the fold of Christianity, are gradually coming to agree with the Islamic points of view about Jesus, in many cases without realizing it. The more scientific and biblical studies advance, the more they will agree with Islam. In other words, the Islamic truth is more evident with the passage of time.


       The Islamic view of Jesus lies between two extremes. The Jews, who reject Jesus as a Prophet of God, called him an impostor. The Christians on the other hand, consider him to be the Son of God and worship him as such. Islam considers Jesus as one of the great Prophets of God and respects him as much as Abraham, Moses and Muhammad. This is in conformity with the Islamic point of view of the oneness of God, the oneness of Divine guidance, and the complimentary role of the subsequent message of Gods messengers. The essence of Islam, which is the willing submission to the will of God, was revealed to Adam who passed it on to his children. All following revelations to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and finally Muhammad were in conformity with that message in addition to some elaboration to define the relation between man and God, man and man, man and his environment, and to live according to Gods instructions. Thus, any contradiction among revealed religions is viewed by Islam as a man-made element introduced into these religions. The position of Jesus in the three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, should not be an exception.

Muslim, Christians and Jewish, they are the descendants of the Arabian (SM).



  Although the Holy Koran does not present a detailed life-account of Jesus (SM), it highlights the important aspects of his birth, his mission, and his ascension to heaven and passes judgments on the Christian beliefs concerning him.

The Holy Koranic account of Jesus starts with the conception of his mother, Mary. The wife of Imran, Marys mother, vowed to dedicate her child to the service of God in the temple (SM). Zacharia (SM), who took charge of Mary, used to find food with Mary. When he asked her how she got it she answered that it was from God. When Mary became a woman, the Holy Spirit (the Archangel Gabriel) appeared to her as a man bringing her the news of a son. Mary conceived the child miraculously and retired to a distant place where she awaited her delivery. The Holy Koran recognizes the fact that Jesus (SM) had no human father but this does not make him the Son of God or God himself. By this criterion Adam (SM) would have been more entitled to be the Son of God because he had neither a father nor a mother. It rejects the concept of the Trinity as strongly as it rejects the sonship of Jesus (SM). This is because God is One. This is the essence of all monotheistic revelations. Three, by reason and by simple arithmetic, are not one.

                Now one might ask: If the Holy Koran denies the Trinity and the sonship of Jesus (SM), what was the real mission of Jesus (SM) according to the Holy Koran?

Jesus (SM) was a link in a long chain of prophets and messengers sent by God to various societies and nations whenever they needed guidance or deviated from the teachings of God. Jesus was especially prepared by God to be sent to the Jews who had deviated from the teachings of Moses and other Messengers. As God miraculously supported him in conception, birth and childhood, he was also supported by numerous miracles to prove that he was a messenger from God. However, the majority of the Jews rejected his ministry.

The messenger of whom Jesus gave glad tidings is referred to in both the old and new testament of the Bible. The Old Testament contains several prophecies that apply only to the Prophet Muhammad (SM). This prophecy, which was addressed to Moses (SM), said that God would send between the brethren of the Israelites, a prophet like Moses who will be a founder, a leader and an exemplar of a community of believers. It was Prophet Muhammad, not Jesus, who like Moses was born from ordinary parents, got married, founded a faithful community, established a great law and died a natural death. The terms of the prophecy do not warrant the conclusion usually attributed to this prophecy, namely that it refers to the Holy Ghost. It is clear from the Bible that the Holy Ghost used to visit men before and during the lifetime of Jesus (SM). John was filled with the Holy Ghost before he was born and Jesus himself received the Holy Ghost in the shape of a dove.

The characteristics of this counselor, as can be derived from the prophecy, are the following:


1.      He will not come until Jesus (SM) leaves.

2.      He will stay forever.

3.      He will glorify Jesus (SM).

4.      He will speak what he hears from God.

    These Characteristics are applicable only to Prophet Muhammad (SM), as the following brief remarks show:

  1.      Prophet Muhammad (SM) was the only messenger that came after Jesus (SM). There was a period of six centuries between them. Jesus (SM) mission was limited to the lost sheep of the children of Israel, but Muhammads (SM) was a universal message. This explains the second characteristic.


2.      Only Prophet Muhammads (SM) message was intended by God to be a universal and everlasting message. This agrees with the statement that the counselor will stay forever with the faithful.


3.      No other prophet glorified Jesus (SM) as much as Prophet Muhammad (SM) did. The Jews called him an impostor and accused his mother of immorality. They tried to crucify him. Prophet Muhammad (SM) considered Jesus (SM) as a great Prophet and the Word of God. The Holy Koran attributed to him miracles that are not mentioned in the Bible. Mary was considered the chastest woman and the best of all women in paradise. Thus Muhammad (SM) really glorified Jesus (SM).


4.      The Holy Koran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (SM). When the angel finished reciting the Holy Koran, Prophet Muhammad (SM) used to convey verbatim to his companions what he heard from the angel without adding, changing or forgetting anything. These and other prophecies in the old and new testaments predict in unequivocal terms the advent of Prophet Muhammad, who is rejected by the Jews and Christians on the basis of misunderstanding and bias rather than on the basis of careful study of the Bible, the Holy Koran and modern findings in the field of comparative religion.

    It is a sad fact of history that not many follow the straight path, to which people were called by Jesus (SM). A few disciples, who were inspired by God to support him, followed him. Not only that, but the non-believers plotted (as they did to Muhammad (SM) six centuries later) to kill Jesus (SM), but God had a better plan for him and his followers as the Holy Koran indicates. Jesus (SM) was raised to heaven before he died. This means that according to the Holy Koran he was not crucified. It was the plan of the enemies of Jesus (SM) to put him to death on the cross, but God saved him and somebody else was crucified. This plot and the false accusation of Mary are considered by the Holy Koran to be some of the sins of non-believing Jews.

Who was the person crucified instead of Jesus (SM)? The Holy Koran does not elaborate on this point nor does it give any answer to this question. This means that Jesus (SM) will come back before the Day of Judgment. Again the Second Coming is not clearly mentioned in the Holy Koran. However, the interpreters of the Holy Koran understood that Jesus (SM) will come back and all the Christians and the Jews will believe in him before he dies. This understanding is supported by authentic sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SM).


If the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the greatest Prophet, then He must necessarily be the last Prophet.

It can be concluded from the light of philosophy, that the greatest and the last must converge to one point. In other words, he who is the greatest must also be the last; and, he who is the last must necessarily be the greatest. Finality is an essential part and is ingrained in completeness. When the moon increases gradually, it proceeds both to finality and completeness. There is nothing exceptional in the full moon. The gradual growth of the moon ends with its completeness. Therefore it can be concluded that the moons final appearance is also an expression of its completeness.; it is not difficult to realize that what is the finality of expression is also its grandest state. What follows its apex is its imitation not its surpassing. Further that which has attained completeness can not proceed towards further completion. If any circle is fully round, it can not be any rounder; a straight line cannot be any more straight. Similarly, it can be concluded that if The Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) is the most complete creation, then no other Prophet who is more complete can come after Him.

In accordance with The Holy Koran, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the Greatest Example to mankind. There is, however, another proof from the laws of creation that Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) is The Greatest Prophet of all.

In discussing the theory of creation of the vast universe, it can be seen that there was nothing at all in the beginning, only The Formless, Silent, Infinitely Great God, The Almighty. Therefore, the origin of creation can not be but God Himself. But God in revealing His own identity has said:

" Kulhu Allahhu ahad, Allahus samad, lamyalid, walam yulad, walam yakullahu kufuwan ahad."

That is: "Say that God is One and Unique; No one is born of Him, and He is born of no one. There is nothing or anyone like Him. He is without parallel."

Here God has defined Himself as Ahad; the word Ahad means a pure and silent uniqueness without multiplicity. Yet creation is multiple and diverse. Then how is it possible for the universe to originate from an Entity who is Ahad? There must be a mediator between the two.

When God felt the desire to create, a predetermined glorious thought must have come forth and manifested itself. This emanation is known as Nuri Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) or The Light Of Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him). This Light is the reason behind the creation of all objects in the visible and material world.

The plan and design for the creation of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) existed before creation, because The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the center point of the primary purpose of creation. Therefore, He was created first from the glorious light of God. This was very natural. In other words, it can be said that the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was born before all creation. Just as an artist gives expression to the design in his imagination step by step, so had God given expression to the thoughts of His primary creation gradually. This is the reason why Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him ) had to appear last. All else was created first for the manifestation of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who is the principal reason for all creation. Without Him, God may not have created anything. God the Almighty Himself has stated in the The Holy Koran: " Without You, I may not have created the sky or the stars."

However, a picture can never achieve the ideal of excellence if only the principal design is presented by itself; it requires a background, a setting. If one draws a beautiful picture on an empty canvas, surely it will not be very pleasing. It has to be set against a background of light and dark, a chiaroscuro where the cataracts flowing from the mountains will dance, the flowers in the garden will be smiling, the birds koel and papia will be singing, where the open blue sky will reign glorious overhead, the full moon and the stars will twinkle through the clouds. The principle design has to be dressed in a similar manner in its beauty and sense, in its hues and fragrance. God too had done the same.

Almighty God did not at first manifest the primary objective of His creation, but created everywhere its background. Above was the vast, blue sky dressed in billions of stars and planets, below a beauteous earth carpeted with soft green grass; elsewhere, there were rivers and rivulets, enormous lakes, and mountain ranges touching the sky. Thus He arranged the scenery exquisitely, and at last expressed the picture of His mediation and thought, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The moon and the sun, the sky and the wind, the mountains and the rivers, the birds an the beasts all understood for whom the vast universe was being so beautifully ornamented and arranged, and whose hues were coloring their inner and outer selves. All of creation was waiting for the coming of the ever-wished for, yet to appear Guest. Thoughts of Him, dreams of Him awoke in their eyes, and His footsteps resounded in the secret chambers of the corners of their being. Just as, before a flower blooms, the dream of the flower awakens in each branch, each leaf of a tree, so had thoughts of Him, His shadow, His form, His compassion awakened everywhere in the universe, even before He appeared. The sun and the rain, the light and the wind, surrender all the powers and treasures of their being to the flowering tree to help it blossom. Just as the bird bul bul waits silently in the garden in expectation of the flower, so had the universe and nature waited for the coming of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Everyone knew that He would appear. In the Vedas, the Puranas, the Jabur and the Torah there were clear signals of His coming: The Prophets Adam, Moses, and Christ had announced the prophetic words of His advent. Thus He was born before appearing on Earth. He came before he was coming. That is why the rays of His glorious light were playing on Earth and in the sky.

To see it from another angle of the theory of creation, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was Gods most complete creation. We can see that in all things created in the universe, there is the origin, the growth and the end. A child is born as a tiny being and grows gradually until he reaches his culmination point, after which he no longer grows and starts his descent. From then on he diminishes and then bids adieu forever. A tree starts as a tiny sapling, then grows gradually until it reaches its full mature form. After this it is encroached by old age and one day finally dies. The moon too increasing gradually, reaches its fullness after which it no longer grows, and starts to decay until the time of the full moon when it completely disappears. Thus each creation traverses a circle which can be called the cycle of life. From birth will come gradual growth, and then descent that will lead to the ultimate flood and annihilation. This is the law and the fate of creation. Now, one may ask whether creation has reached its final culmination point? In answer it can be said that indeed creation has reached its apex and is on its downhill course.

The time of the culmination point of creation was 570 AD, and it happened through The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The signifier of the culmination of creation is the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). How beautifully The Almighty Himself has expressed this truth: "And He (The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon

Him)) has reached the pinnacle of creation." It is most befitting to compare Him to the sun. In the sky of universal creation, He was bright and glorious like the midday sun. Therefore, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is beloved of everyone and anyone can relate to Him. He is a part of both the living and the inanimate worlds.

Man is the greatest aspect of creation, and mankind initiated the meditation and the path to fulfillment. Additionally, in this race of men, there has to be one who is the greatest and most complete, and He is the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In Him, everyone has found the meaning and fulfillment of life. At the time of His birth, there arose in each planet, and in each man a strong sense of delight and joy. It was awakened in each fairy and angel, in each bird and beast, in each vine and tree, in each fruit and flower. In the sky and in the wind came a sense of recognition and delight, which was nothing but a sense of joy and gratitude, a sense of bliss from being aware of ones self.

This is the true idea of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He belongs not just to Arabs, not just to Asia but to the whole world; he is not just for the Muslims, not just for mankind but for all creation. He is not just an ideal human, not just an ideal Prophet but is the ideal creation. One can therefore see in the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) an universal self. If the Muslims say that He is their Prophet and He is the Greatest Prophet, then, this will not be His true and complete description. We have to understand that He is not just a Prophet for the Muslims, he is Rahamatullu Alamin, that is, He is a blessing for all creation. Just as Muslims can call Him to be their own, so can Parsis, Hindus and Christians. He is a paradigm and a pathfinder for everyone. Prophet Mohammadh as said that mankinds the crowning creation of God, and the most beloved of all; the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim, Christians, Jews and Muslims are all cousin-brothers.




During the greater part of the10th Arabic calendar year, Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was engaged primarily in sending His emissaries to various places, and in receiving representatives from different groups. He had also established a system of tax collection from subject nations and groups.

In this year, Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had faced an extremely difficult challenge in His personal life which He overcame through enormous patience and forbearance. His son Ibrahim had passed away at the age of seventeen or eighteen months. Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was deeply saddened by his death and wept copious tears sitting next to his death bed.

In time, the10th Arabic calendar year too was coming to an end. Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon him) made plans to go to Holy Haj (pilgrimage) that year at the end of the month of Jilkad. His plans were announced to the public. Immediately, a great wave of zeal and preparation came about, and thousands of faithful Muslims made plans to accompany Him to Holy Haj.

Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) decided to have His family accompany Him. This was His last Holy Haj, and is thereby known as the " Holy Farewell Haj."

On the way, thousand of Muslims joined Him in this historical Holy Haj. He arrived

at Holy Mecca on the fifth day of the month of Jilhuch, with one hundred thousand

faithful followers.

Arriving at the gates of Holy Mecca, He sighted the Holy Kabbah Hall. Immediately, His voice was filled with piety and He raised both His hands and began to pray thus: "Oh God! Kindly make this place forever pure and forever great, and ameliorate the happiness and peace, the respect and status of all the believers who come to pray here."

Thereafter the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) came to the Holy Kabbah with His one hundred and twenty thousand disciples and circled it seven times.

The day of the Holy Haj arrived. The outskirts of The Holy Kabbah resounded with the praying voices of thousands of believers. What heavenly scene was manifested that day without images, without priests, only the presence of The All Powerful, Formless Creator, His Prophet and His followers.

The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) together with the faithful journeyed towards Mount Arafat, in Holy Mecca, where Prophet Adam and his wife Eve first met after being expelled from Heaven and being separated for three hundred and sixty years. Then standing on Mount Meena, facing a vast populace of believers, He uttered the following pronouncement for the benefit of all mankind (the spot where He stood and gave His last speech during His Holy Farewell Haj, has a structure named "Jabale Rahamat", to preserve and carry on even today His true and Holy remembrance. This spot is exactly where Prophet Adam and Eve were reunited by the Mercy of God).

"Oh my beloved followers! Listen carefully to what I am about to say today. I fear I will not have the opportunity to be able to meet with you at Holy Haj again." "Oh my fellow Muslims! Forget all the practices of the past dark times, and learn to follow the light of the new path. From today, all the false superstitions, iniquities, injustices and sins of the past are absolved and canceled."

"Remember that all Muslims are brethren. No one is greater or lesser than the other, and everyone is equal in the eyes of God The Merciful. Do not forget the lot of women. Just as men have rights over women, so too women have rights over men. Do not be unjust to them. Remember you have accepted the women in your life with God as your Witness."

"Beware! Do not be overzealous about religion. This has brought on the destruction of many other races. Know that the life and possessions of every Muslim is sacred, as sacred as is this day. Each one of your life and possessions is sacred. Beware all Muslims! Do not disobey your leaders. Even if a dutiful hapshi slave becomes your ruler, and if he leads you according to the dictates of The Holy Book, follow him without hesitation. Always be just to your vassals and slaves, and do not mistreat them. They should eat what you eat, and they should wear what you wear. Do not forget that they too are human beings."

"Beware! Do not let the sins of idolatry touch you. Do not steal or lie or go into the path of depravity. Keep yourself free from all uncleanness and lead a Holy life; always tell the truth. Remember! One day you too will have to return to the Creator, and on that day you will have to answer to Him for your actions and deeds. Do not boast about your ancestry. The wrath of God will descend upon him who conceals his true origins and boasts of a false ancestry out of pride."

" Oh my followers! If you follow what I am leaving you, you will never falter. What is this treasure? These are Gods Holy Koran, The Example of His Prophet and The Ahley Bayeat."( The Ahley Bayeat are the descendants of the Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) Hazrat Hassan, Hazrat Hossein, Fatima, and the Fourth Khaliph, The Great Ali (Peace Be Upon Them))

"Know for certainty that there will be no other Prophet after me. I am the Last Prophet. Those who are present here, are to carry my words I have said today, to other Muslims who are not here."

His visage became increasingly resplendent with a glow. His voice became deep and gentle with feeling. Looking up at the vaulting sky, He said: "Oh My Creator! My Lord! Have I been able to send Your message? Have I been able to fulfill my duties?"

From thousands of voices, came the words: "Absolutely! Absolutely!" Then with an entreating voice, again He said: "Oh My Lord! Hearken and bear witness! They are saying that I have fulfilled my duties." Overcome with feeling and piety, He became silent and His countenance glowed with the light of Heaven.

With this the last Ayat of The Holy Koran is expressed: " God The Almighty said: "Oh Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)! You have completed your deen (duties)

and have fulfilled your nyamet (obligations) towards me. I accept Islam as My true religion, and The Holy Koran is a complete quote of human life." "

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him ) became silent and meditative briefly. The vast group of believers too became silent. Then He opened his eyes, and with a loving glance toward the faithful, declared: "Farewell". An unseen and indescribable pain of separation cast its shadow in everyones heart.

The principal aspect of Prophet Mohammeds Peace Be Upon Him) last speech during the farewell Haj, is a directive for following the Holy Koran. The Ahley Bayeat comprised The Prophet Mohammads (Peace Be Upon Him) two grandsons, Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hossein, His Daughter, their mother Fatima, and their father The Great Kaliph Ali. It is a painful and distressing history of Islam that the Ahley Bayeat was killed by the so called Muslims working for a conspiracy devised by the Jews. Hazrat Hossein was killed in Karbalah, Iraq, Hazrat Hassan and Fatima in Medina, and The Great Ali in Kufa Karbala, Iraq (Peace Be Upon Them). This cruel and heartless slaughter in the Kabbah Hall was planned by the Jalems, numbering 22,000 Namdhari Muslims, under the leadership and planning of Yajid Ibn Muabia within a conspiracy by the Jews. From amongst them, later, many non believers, who were opposed to the Khareji, the Shia, the Wahabi, had tried to carry out, under the protection of the Christians and the Jews, a heinous conspiracy to eradicate forever from the face of the earth the Pure Path of Islam and the legacy of The Ahley Bayeat In realty, by the Grace of Almighty God and His Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), only one member of the Prophets (Peace Be Upon Him) descendants, because he was ill, escaped from the murders at the Kabbah. He was Hazrat Imam Jaynal Abedin. It is regrettable but true that the descendants of the above mentioned 22,000 Muslims, are for selfish and self- serving reasons, engaged in the lowly act of serving the Jews today. They have spread their influence worldwide.


On the other hand, the descendants of Hazrat Imam Jainul Abedin, the true Muslims, have gone all over the world to spread the teachings of Pure Islam. They have raised the flag of The Ahley Bayeat and had preached the true religion of The Holy Koran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). They have kept the teachings and the words of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) firmly established on Earth, and are the true soldiers; they will be in the forefront as soldiers of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Them). Since with the advent of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the gates of the coming of any other prophets, have been closed, there will be no other prophet on Earth. Only the teachings of the Belayet, the teaching of the real and true spirituality of Islam led by the descendants of the Ahley Bayeat (Peace Be Upon Them) will be extant. Before the appearance of the Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), there will come from the lineage of Hazrat Jainul Abedin, The Great Sufi Saint, Hazrat Barpir Mahiuddin Abdul Kader Jainal of Bagdad, Founder of The Kaderia Sufi Order, Hazrat Khaja Mainuddin Sisti Garib Newaz of Ajmir, India, Founder of The Sisti Sufi Order, Hazrat Bahauddin Naksbandi of Russia, Founder of The Naksabandi Sufi Order of Russia, and Mojaddedey Alfesani Serhendi of West Punjab India, Founder of The Mojaddedia Sufi Order. With the influence of the notable Great Alis of all ages, pure Islam will prevail on earth before the arrival of the Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Them). In accordance with The Holy Koran and The Old Testament of The holy Bible, the life, soul and the spirit of Jesus Christ are under the protection and direct control of God The Almighty in Spiritual Heaven. With the advent of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), Prophet Jesus will leave His previous Self and be overwhelmed by His feelings towards Islam. After receiving His instructions for creating universal peace and order from the Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), He will join Him (Peace Be Upon Him) to co create Heavenly peace on Earth. By completely uprooting Christianity and Judaism, they will establish The Almighty Gods true monotheism, and within the dictates of Islam establish true Heavenly Peace on Earth with truth and justice for all. Mankind will enjoy full security, a peaceful existence and Heavenly atmosphere on this planet earth.


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