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The Creators First Creation-The light of Mohammad (SM)

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The Creators First Creation-The light of Mohammad (SM)
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The Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (Peace Be Upon Him) brought forward a philosophy of life announcing a new dictum:


"God the Almighty is the Truth undoubtedly, but His Creation, this universe is not a lie; this world is our workplace. Human life is not an illusion or a dream; it is real and is the truth. Yet it is not the whole truth because at the finality of this life, we have an afterlife. Only when we can combine the two, we are able to comprehend the whole truth. We have an afterlife; we shall not cease with death nor shall we be usurped and infused into God."

The creator’s first creation: The light of Mohammad (saw)

The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the Promised Prophet; that is, it was preordained that God The Almighty would send Him to Earth.  Each artistic creation is first brought into existence in the mind of the artist and is expressed outwardly much later.  This too was held to be true for the advent of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).   He was the center point of all creations. Consequently, His glorious form was formulated first in the thoughts of The Almighty.  This glorious form is the "The Light of Mohammad" and that is the reason why God created the light of Mohammad (PBUH).


"Aualla Ma Khallakallahu Nuri" Al Hadish


The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has said: "At first what God The Almighty  created  was  the  light."  It  can  be  said  without  question  that  The Promised Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was born before the start of creation. His  meditated  representation  cast  an  imperceptible  shadow  from  moon  to moon,  star  to  star,  planet  to  planet,  and  man  to  man.  One singular and immense curiosity arose everywhere in nature and in the heart of the universe: where, when, and how will this meditated form appear in this vast universe? (Al Quran, Surah Yasin & ArRahman)


The meaning of the coming of the Promised Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has to be understood in this way: that the coming of The Promised Prophet (Peace Be  upon  Him)   was  predetermined  by  the  laws  of  nature.  That  which  is inevitable  according  to the laws of nature is necessarily promised before its arrival. That The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) will appear on this earth was not unknown to the world; Prophet Adam, Prophet Moses, Prophet Noah and Prophet  Jesus had all presaged the coming  of the Prophet  Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) according to all the Prophet’s given scripture. In many of the ancient religious textssuch as the Vedas, the Puranas, the Jindabesta, the Torah,  the  DighaNikaya,  the  Jabur,  the  Injilthe  advent  of  The  Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has been predicted. When God felt the desire to create, a predetermined glorious thought must have come forth and  manifested itself.    This imagination is known as Nuri Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) or The Light of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).  This Light is the reason behind the creation of all objects in the visible and material world.



The plan and design for the creation of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)  existed  before  creation,  because  The  Prophet  Mohammad  (Peace  Be Upon  Him)   was   the   center   point   of   the   primary  purpose   of   creation. Therefore, He was created first from the glorious light of God.  This was very natural.  In other words, it can be said that the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was born before all creation.  Just as an artist gives expression to the  design in his imagination step by step, so did God give expression to the thoughts of  His primary creation gradually.   This is the reason why Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had to appear last.  All else was created first for the manifestation of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who is the principal reason for all creation.   Without Him, God may not have created anything.           

God the Almighty Himself has stated in the Holy Quran: “Without You, I may not have created the sky or the stars.”


However,  a  picture  can  never  achieve  the  ideal  of  excellence  if  only  the principal design is presented by itself; it requires a background, a setting.   If one  draws a beautiful picture on an empty canvas, surely it will not be very pleasing.  It has to be set against a background of light and dark, a chiaroscuro where the cataracts flowing from the mountains will dance, the flowers in the garden will be smiling, the bird Koel and Papia will be singing, where the open blue sky will reign glorious overhead, the full moon and the stars will twinkle through the clouds.  The principle design has to be dressed in a similar manner in its beauty and sense, in its hues and fragrance.  God too had done the same.


Almighty God did not at first manifest the primary objective of His creation, but created everywhere its background.  Above was the vast, blue sky dressed in billions of  stars and planets,  below a beauteous earth carpeted with soft green grass;  elsewhere, there were rivers and rivulets, enormous lakes, and mountain ranges touching the sky.  Thus He arranged the scenery exquisitely and at last expressed the  picture of His mediation and thought, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).   The moon and the sun, the sky and the wind, the mountains and the rivers, the birds and the beasts all understood for whom the vast universe was being so beautifully  ornamented and arranged, and whose hues were coloring their inner and outer selves.  All of creation was waiting for the coming of the ever wished for, yet to appear Guest.   Thoughts of Him, dreams of Him awoke in their eyes, and His footsteps resounded in the secret chambers of the corners of their being. Just as, before a flower blooms, the  dream of the flower awakens in each branch, each leaf of a tree, so had thoughts of Him, His shadow, His form, His compassion awakened everywhere in the universe, even before He appeared.  The sun and the rain, the light and the  wind,  surrender  all  the   powers  and  treasures  of  their  being  to  the flowering tree to help it blossom.   Just as the bird bulbul waits silently in the garden in expectation of the flower, so had the universe and nature waited for the coming of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW).   Everyone knew that He would appear.  In the Vedas, the Puranas, the Jabur and the Torah there were clear signals of His coming: The Prophets Adam, Moses, and Christ had announced the prophetic words of His advent.   Thus He was born before appearing on Earth.   He  came before he was coming.   That is why the rays of His glorious light were playing on Earth and in the sky.


A Point His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam wanted to make for those whom had been criticizing Almighty Allah’s Beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) the following question should be asked to theirselves, “If the Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) is the Light of Allah, and Allah created such a Universe for his beloved Prophet, WHY WOULD THERE BE ANY NEED OF PROPHET’S CHEST BEING CUT OPEN TO PURIFY IT?” Starting from the time Prophet passed away the enemies of Islam fused with fanatic Jews and Christians had been trying to diminish Islam from its root course.  Needless to say, Islam was and is as well as will continue to be fast growing religion in the world, this fact also passed thru the Fanatic Jewish and Christian follower’s mind and did not hesitate to affair into it.  Apparently, those fanatic Jewish, Christian as well as Islam followers had been able to put a slow poison to paralyze the root of Islam by misinterpreting many of the verses of the Holy Quran. From time to time, Abbassiya Caliph Al-Mamun’s reign when Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Nessaye, Abu Dawud fabricated Hadiths stated, Prophet Mohammad’s chest was cut open and cleansed with Wisdom and ZamZam Water and replaced by Angel Gibrael, which is absolutely false and fabricated. Along with the misinterpretation of Surah Ahzab’s Verse 56 a crucial fact of Holy Quran, Where Allah admits, “Him and His Direct Special Angels are continuously saluting the Great Prophet Mohammad (SM)” and misinterpreted meanings states, “Allah and His Special Angels are blessing the beloved Prophet?” How can that be, if Great Prophet already got a title “Rahmatullil Alameen” This misinterpretation not only changed the main root of Islam but also left millions and millions of people’s faith left ashtray. Currently, the Saudi Monarchy sponsoring Selafi, Ohabi, Najdi, Tabhligi still camouflaging abovementioned misinterpretation of Verse of Surah Ahzab along many other hadiths and verses of Holy Quran. His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam 43rd Direct Descendant from the Prophet of Islam, states very strongly, “Those who will hinder to even think Prophet Mohammad’s (SM) virtues and values as always his importance in Islam are doubtable or questionable than even if you are among the believer, YOU Must retake your Oath of Shadah, if not they will not be considered good Muslim” In Accordance of Holy Quran Surah Al-Qalam.


The corrected Meaning of Verse 56 Surah Ahzab, “Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Rahim” “The Almighty God certainly has been, is and will continue to send infinite love and affection to his beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) along with his special angels who are directed by the Almighty God to continuously salute with respect, dignity and honor to the beloved Holy Prophet for His kind attention. The Almighty God again commanding to the true believers to pay respect with dignity and honor for their forgiveness and mercy from the beloved Holy Prophet of Islam and Mankind”. (Al‐Quran Surah Al Ahzab, 33:56)


Hazrat Mohammad (SM) is the crown of all the Prophets and beloved Prophet of Almighty God. He was the first one that Allah the Almighty Created from his own light (Nur). The whole Universe along with the Sun, Moon, Earth and 18000 planets were created including First Man Adam (A)’s life was also given from the Light of Nur-e-Nabi, Safi-Ul-Majnabeen, Awaleen, Akherin, RahmatullilAlameen & Nurri Min Nurrullah. He WILL be Attorney General for the MERCY of WHOLE Creation & Mankind at the Court of the Almighty God on Judgment day.