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700 Years old Sufi Dynasty Heritage & Records

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700 Years old Sufi Dynasty Heritage & Records
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"World Heritage & Records of Sufism Volume-II" by His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam
World Heritage & Records of Sufism Volume2


In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

The eminence and the greatness of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA) the greatest saint and Sufi of his time, came into lime light in the nineteenth century. He was one of the few saints of the high order in Bangladesh and the Indian sub-continent. The famous historical shrine of 'Dayera Sharif' situated at Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, was founded by him for continuous religious, spiritual, and humanitarian services to the mankind. What we find from the record is that from the paternal side, he is the descendant of Hazrat Ali (peace be on him) ; I.e. Alwi Syed and his wife was the descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique , his fore-father Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar, the leader of Baro Awlia (Leader of 12 Saints delegation), who happened to be grandson of the Gausal Azam Hazrat Sheikh Syed Mahiuddin Abdul Kader Jillani popularly known as “Baro Peer Shaheb” I.e. Gausal Arab and Gausal Azam.

That is, the greatest leader guide of the spiritual leaders and the Muslim communities of the world. The great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar left Baghdad sharif more than seven centuries ago, riding on a fish and arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh; and descended on a sandy bank of the river, which was on the South-East of present Karnafully Bridge, near about six miles off from Chittagong town. As he came riding on the back of a fish he is called “Mahi Sawar” or the rider on the fish. As he descended on hearing a divine sound “Ha-U-La-E” on the sand bank of that river, which means “that is the place”. Hence, the said place was called and is still known as “Hawola” and the said river as “Halda”. The descendants of that fish are still available in abundance in that river-Halda. When these fishes float on the surface of water of the river by rows, it creates a colorful miraculous scene to look at and they lay eggs at a particular time every year and Government of Bangladesh earns a big amount by selling the eggs of these varieties of fishes. People irrespective of caste, creed, and colour come from various places to see the scenery of the floating of the fishes by rows and laying of eggs at a particular time every year. Observing this, people think of the supernatural power of the saints of Almighty Allah.

Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar left for Baghdad, the eldest son Syed Jahan left for Malayasia, where he got assignment as Professor of Theology (and contemporary languages) in the University of Malayasia at Kualalampur and present royal family, namely Tunku Abdur Rahman and Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad, their relations trace their origin in Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar. Syed Zia, the 2nd son of Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar, left for Mecca leaving behind his son Syed Ashraf, who subsequently left for Mecca keeping his son Syed Akbar who confered all his spiritual power and responsibilities, like his predecessor to Syed Asgar and left for Mecca and Syed Asgar followed the foot-steps of his father, left for Mecca, shifting the responsibilities on the shoulder of his son Syed Amin. Before proceeding to Khaiara, Syed Amin left behind a glorious record of spiritual, religious and social services at Syedpur near Halda river, now the Upazila Boalkhali, in the district of Chittagong. Syedpur is the historic submerged land of the famous Halda river, where Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar got down from the fish, and walked across the said bank of the river to Charandip. Now the whole area of Syedpur and Charandip has emerged as a big glorious island, where the inhabitants are never the less blessed with the contributions of the religious saints in the form of Schools, Colleges, and Madrashas and the said place is further illuminated with the Mazars of great spiritual saints and guides.


Halda River is a river in South-Eastern Bangladesh. It originates at the Badnatali Hill Ranges in Ramgarh Upazila in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, flows through Fatikchhari Upazila, Hathazari Upazila, Raozan Upazila and Chittagong Kotwali Thana, and falls into the Karnaphuli River. The 81 km long river has a very turbulent tributary, the Dhurung River, which joins Purba Dhalai about 48.25 km downstream. The river is navigable by big boats 29 km into it (up to Nazir Hat) and by small boats 16-24 km further (up to Narayanhat). The Halda river is also famous for breeding pure Indian carp. This is the only pure Indian carp breding field of Bangladesh, perhaps in South Asia.


Syed Amin (RA) left Halda for Khaiara in Feni District with his sons namely 1. Syed Walesuddin 2. Syed Md. Hayat and 3. Syed Dost Mohammed and Allah bestowed him with the 4th son like Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Md. Dayem (RA) at Khaiara and thereafter he proceeded towards Mecca. The Great saint left some Wazifa (Spiritual guide of saints) with his wife for the youngest son Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA), while in the womb of his mother from the very childhood Sufi Dayem became devote of the chief of spiritual leader of Chittagong namely the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) and served him for many years and thereby acquired vast spiritual knowledge and training during that period service. Once the chief of Awlia the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) after performing Morning Prayer while sitting with his pupils, fully absorbed in thoughts all on a sudden cried out saying “just now an old woman snatched away a child from the breast of his mother”. On hearing the same all associates present became very much anxious to know “what had happened”. But on the contrary, the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) thought for moment and thereafter submitted “Reverend guide, I have returned the child to his mother.”

The actual fact of the above mentioned incident was hat an old woman of Sandwip, which is near about 35 miles away from Chittagong town, cut a green gourd from a plant and the chief of Awlia Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) viewed the same through his spiritual eye but the aforesaid pupil and devotee who had acquired vast spiritual knowledge, put back the green gourd to the tree through his spiritual power.

Having observed application of such vast spiritual power of his aforesaid pupil and devotee before his spiritual guide he was annoyed and became very much angry and uttered “Dayem, how you have dared to show such spiritual power before me?” As soon as the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) heard the aforesaid utterance, then and there he lost his sense, power of speech and all the spiritual power. In spite of the repeated apology tendered by him, the great Hazrat Shah Amanat Ullah (RA) did not accept it.

Thereafter, Hazrat Shah Sufi Sayed Mohammed Dayem (RA) roamed about and travelled across various jungles, deserts, and Khanqas (Sufi Dargahs) of undivided India for a long time and met with many saints, but got nothing from them. During the course of movement he came to learn from one saint. He was great saint at the time in the name of Hazrat Rasulnama Benarasi hand been residing at Benares in India. While he was proceeding by boat towards Benares in search of the aforesaid said saint and when he reached Mithanghat of the district of Patna in then the British India, again heard that a famous saint named Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Munaem Khasru (RA) was shaving his beard and mustaches and having seen him in such state he was thinking in his mind. “Is he the said saint about whom I have heard? While he was thinking like that in his mind, Hazrat Syed Munaem Khasru (RA) put his own mirror in front of his face and he was astonished to see that there was no trace any beard or mustaches on his face. At his stage, Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) smiled and put the mirror again before him, then he saw that his own face was full of beard and mustaches. Thereafter, Hazrat Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) was very much ashamed of such as wishful thinking and tendered apology before him and further sought permission to stay there. On hearing his submission, the great Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) replied saying “what would you get from me? It will be better for you to go to Hazrat Rasulnama Benerasi”. But Hazrat Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) again submitted to the spiritual guide, “I will not go to Rasulnama” as I have already got the guidelines here, as such there is no necessity for me to go to Rasulnama or anywhere. I am very much grateful to Almighty Allah, as I have got the saint form I have roamed about”. On hearing the above reply Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) asked his pupils, who were present there, to take him away and to bring him back after bath and dressing. As  per direction, the pupils compiled  with the same and brought him again before him. Thereafter, Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) gave him Tawajjuh (Spiritual Care) and thereafter he got back all he had lost. Hazrat Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) stayed there for a period of about 12 years to achieve knowledge in all the five Tariqas (Sufi Orders) viz. lines of Qadiria, Muneimia, Chistia, Abu Ulaia and Madria and also achieved success in all the Tariqas (Sufi orders) and got Khilafat (Representative status) from him to teach the people. It will not be out of place to mention here, that the writer of this history had the opportunity to visit the Mazar Sharif (Shrine) of Hazrat Sufi Munaem Khasru (RA) in Patna along with the Sufi Saint of Choto Dayera Sharif, Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA), on the 11th June, 1979 and also to see the Khanqa-e-Munaemia with their own eyes.

When Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) achieved the vast spiritual knowledge in all the Tariqas (Sufi Orders) Hazrat Shah Sufi Munaem Khasru (RA) directed him to go back to his country and to teach the people there. But he requested Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) to impart him more knowledge of spirituality. In reply, he advised him to go back to the residence of his previous Sufi and Spiritual leader, he great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) from whom he would get the rest. H was instructed to tender apology before him, as the blessings for the pupils and the followers rest in the hands of their Peers (Spiritual Guide/Sufi). After long talk and conversation he left for Chittagong in Bangladesh and appeared before that great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA). Having seen such a devotee and pupil, after a long time, the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) embraced him and under his direction all the Khadems present there cut fruits and brought before him in a plate. Thereafter, the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) asked his son, son-in-law and the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) began to eat the fruits from the plate alone, because he saw that all the blessings lie within through his spiritual power. But his son, and son-in-law refused to eat with him and uttered with hate, “let your Dayem Eat alone”. But the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) repeatedly, asked them to eat at least something from the plate, but they did not pay any heed to it, rather on the contrary, again said, “Let your Dayem be allowed to eat all the fruits and we will not eat with him anything from that plate”. Hazrat Amanat Ullah (RA) Said, “Dayem, I had kept blessings for many persons in those fruits, but you alone ate all the fruits,” In reply, Great Sufi Hazrat Mohammed Dayem (RA) kissed his feet and submitted, “By the grace of the Almighty Allah, your Khadem Dayem shall keep aloft your flag and further requested to award him more spiritualism and blessings”. Then the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) said, “I have nothing more to give you and you have got everything from me what I had and Allah will make arrangement for my heirs.” He further added, “on my death perform all funeral rites etc,. go to the place of my Peer (Spiritual guide) at Lakshmi Bazar Miah Shaheb Maidan, Dhaka to render services there and learn something more from the present Sajjada-Nashin Peer (Spiritual Guide) and you would surely get more things, which are kept reserved for you.” Thereafter the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) left for eternity on the 30th Zilqud, 1187, (Inna-llaha-wa-inna-Elaihe-raziun). As per his advice after completion of the funeral rites etc, he left for Dhaka, Bangladesh and reached Khanqa Rahimia, situated at Lakshmi Bazar and learnt that Hazrat Shah Sufi Abdur Rahim Rahid (RA) had already left for eternal peace on the 9th Ramadan, 1158 Hizri and his nephew Hazrat Shah Sufi Nazimuddin (RA) his successor, awarded him with the blessings kept reserved for him and thereafter said, “I had been waiting for a saint like you, Now I hereby direct you to proceed towards the jungle of Azimpur, where a non-Muslim named Ram Das Alias Ram Shadhu resides and the name of his Ashram were known as Rambagh. The said Shadhu through his hypnotic and mesmeric power had been controlling the tigers, snakes and all the ferocious animals of the jungles. By riding on a tiger and with a snake around his neck, he moved here and there and thereby he was polluting the faith of the Muslims residing all around. You are hereby directed to go there and to tackle him by your extra-ordinary supernatural spiritual power”.

Thereafter he fixed the jurisdiction and directed that, “From here you will go to straight to the west, where you will see a mosque (now the same is known as Khan Mohammed’s Mosque), After that when you will go ahead towards North you will see another two storied mosque near the old grave yard. The aforesaid Shadhu resided between these two mosque. After reaching the place, creates a Dayera (Circle or encircled area) for your habitation and spiritual attainments and for services to humanity. Whereby the inhabitants of the locality, specially the Muslims may be saved from the hypnotic and mesmeric effect of Shahdhu. By the grace of Almighty Allah, none will be able to harm you within that “Dayera” or in other words “area encircled”.

After giving the above advice, he further taught him the process of reading Sura Yasin, Sura Muzammel, Hizbul Baher etc. and also accorded permission to teach others and thereafter taught the rules and process of the demarcation and encircling of the area concerned, where he was destined to reside. Having got the permission of reading various Surahs of the Holy Quran as stated above he committed to memory, learnt and wrote down the same in his own hand writing. These were afterwards received by his descendants from generation to generation and are being preserved by the Spiritual Guide (Peer) the spiritual leader of Choto Dayera Sharif Hazrat Shah Sufi DayemUllah (RA) and out of the said manuscripts a photo copy of Shajra (List of Ascending Spiritual guides) included a book “Ainum-Zaira” written by Hazrat Shah Sufi Ahmadullah (RA) one of the spiritual guide of Khanqa-e Rahimia situated at Miah Shaheb Maidan Dhaka of Bangladesh. Under the direction as mentioned above Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) having said his prayer in Khan’s Mosque started proceeding towards the two storied Mosque of Azimpur, he heard the ringing of the bells of a Puja Mandap of Rambagh and guessed the existence of the “Ashram” of the Shadhu nearby. Then he reached the two storied mosque and he said his prayer in a quiet atmosphere and thereafter demarcated and encircled the area of the jungle as per directives of his spiritual guide and began to reside near the “Ashram” of the said Shadhu. At the time of Esha prayer, Azan was pronounced by his pupil Shah Mari (now taking eternal rest at Azimpur Old grave yard), who continued pronouncing Azan Daily at the time of every prayer. On hearing the melodious sound of Azan, the aforesaid Shahdu thought that some Muslims might have come reside permanently in the jungle. He planned to drive him away with his hypnotic and mesmeric power and with this ulterior motive he rode on a tiger with a snake around his neck and another in his hand in order to approach the resting place of Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) I.E. the heap of the earth, where he used to say his prayers. On seeing the Shadhu coming towards his direction, the pupil of Shah Mari brought the news to the notice of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA). On getting the said information Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) said to the heap on the earth, “you are also creation of the Almighty Allah, when Shahdhu is coming to show the power his hypnotic and mesmeric power, riding on a tiger with a snake around; you should also proceed to show to show the power of Almighty Allah.” At these words he heap of the earth began to proceed towards the aforesaid Shadhu and on seeing this the tiger of the Shadhu cried out loudly and fell down on the ground and thereafter fleed away into the jungle and the snake also disappeared. The Shadhu fainted, fell down on the ground and lost sense. When he came to his senses, he surrendered before him and tendered apology and submitted, “Sir you are a perfect saint of the Almighty Allah. I had been living in this jungle for a long time. In order to attain mesmeric and hypnotic power I used to burn woods only to sustain heat without chances of escape by fastening legs with the branches of the trees up and with the head down-wards and continued in this fashion till the fire was extinguished by the sweet of my body. In this way I acquired power to control the ferocious animals of the jungle and having seen my said power, people irrespective of caste and creed used to come to me from different places for my blessings, Sir, Animals used to listen to me and I had control over them, but I have no control over lifeless earth. I know that none have any power to control all the creation of Allah except the saints of Allah. Please forgive me and accept my apology and allow me to reside here as your hostage”.

Thereafter, on hearing the above submission of the Shadhu Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) accepted his prayer and allowed him to stay there and told him that his residence would not be harmed or disturbed in any way and further told that, “You are henceforth restrained from moving with the animals and ringing the bells of Puja Mandap at the time of prayers”.

The shadhu agreed to all the terms and accordingly began to live there. The aforesaid miraculous events, incidents and happenings in front of the Shadhu were circulated all around and when Hazrat Shah Noori (RA) was sitting Sajjada Nashin of Khanqa Sharif of Babu Pura Shah Shah Shaheb Bari situated in the eastern side of the present new market felt that another saint had come within his jurisdiction. Thereafter called his Khadem and handed over a bowl of water and said, “A saint has come in the Azimpur Jungle. I have heard much more about him please go to him with this bowl of water. Accordingly, the Khadem went to him with that bowl of water to Azimpur jungle, when learnt on query from the Khadem about Hazrat Shah Sufi Noori (RA) then and there fot up and ran to the jungle and picked up a flower from a tree and put the same in the bowl of water and then said to the Khadem “Go back and convey my respect to my elder brother”. Thereafter the Khadem went back to Hazrat Shah Sufi Noori (RA) with the flower in the bowl of water. Having observed the position he said “I shall leave this place”. Every one present there was astonished on hearing the above words from the mouth of Peer Shaheb and enquired as to what happened? Then Hazrat Shah Noori (RA) explained to them, “A new Wali-e-Kamel (Saint) has come in the Azimpur Jungle, which is within my jurisdiction. He has defeated a Hindu saint with the help of his supernatural spiritual power. I, further, examined him through the rules of spiritual power viz. by sending a bowl of water, which means why has come to die in a area, which is within my jurisdiction. He also replied the same through the rules spiritual power.”

A straw or a flower does not sik in the sea except heavy things. He is just like a flower, which will remain floating in the sea under my jurisdiction. He further conveyed his best respect to me and showed respect as his elder brother. He is not inferior to me. So it is not wise for two powerful tigers to reside in the same jungle. Since he showed his best respect to me as his elder brother I must show my sympathy and affection for him as my younger brother as per rules prescribed by Holy Prophet. In view of the above situation and thereby handed over the charge of my jurisdiction to him and leave this house.

Thereafter, he left that place and went to the Khanqa Sharif situated at Magh bazaar, Dhaka. This Khanqa was established by him and from that time on-wards his descendants have been living there. Of course, some of his descendants are still living at Babu Pura. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) married at Azimpur and he had two sons and one daughter.

A very important point to be noted that, there are no Spiritual training nor teachings of Sufism or Khanqah Sharif existent at the Shrine of Moghbazar, Babu Pura near New Market nilkhet of Baghu Dewan Khanqah sharif completely destroyed by so-called modern descendants of both the Khanqas, accordingly they are involved in immoral activities. Faize Mohammadi Ahmadullah and Anwarullah, son of Erfan uddin, Moghbazar the adopted Son of His Eminency Dr. Alam currently declared them abandoned, but they are forcibly staying at the Chotto Dayera Sharif by influence of devil Saleha Khatun and looting the Dayemi Complex and Sufi Nurullah Waqf estate. There are several criminal and civil cases had been started against them to curb down their immoral activities in the court of law. A so-called Jewish converted Muslim Deen Greenburgh German migrated USA citizen patronizing them to fight with His Eminency Dr. Alam. But the reality of truth shall dominate in time Inshallah.